-TA- TeamAxon PvP/Instacraft/Free 200 Wood Planks/Rust++

Free 200 Wood Planks If You Join Now!

We are a brand new server as of 1/13/2014. We are hosted in L.A. in the United States. Today we reached a high of 13 players. Although it’s not a lot, we are pleased with the turn out for one day. The server has instacraft and has no military weapon restrictions, which means everything is craft-able. We are a PvP server, but everyone is friendly and we are all willing to help new players out.

Right now we are recruiting admins that will dedicate some time to our server. To be an admin you must complete the following steps:

  1. Have 2 or more friends join the server and stay for a while.
  2. Have played more than 24 hours on our server.
  3. Know how to speak to people and help everyone out when needed.
  4. Enjoy Rust!

How To Connect:
Type net.connect into console and enjoy!

Thanks and i hope to see you all ingame.

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Bump free wood still available