Tabbed Spawn Menu

This addon further divides the props in the prop spawn menu into sub-tabs based on their “group.” Groups are taken from square brackets () that are in front of category names.

You can assign aliases and combine groups. See the README.txt file.

OR GET 1.11 which fixes ordering not working for custom group aliases:

WARNING: This addon non-permanently modifies the existing spawnmenu, but a future Gmod update that significantly modifies the spawnmenu (unlikely) may break this addon in fantastic ways.

NOTICE: Spawn lists are indirectly handled by this addon, and if you have invested a lot of time into creating custom ones, making a backup is suggested. The “Empty” and “Delete” commands carry a risk.

Useful and handy, you have my download.
I’m assuming it’s clientside.

Yes, purely client-side.

Oh my god, I love you sk89.

Epic. This should be baseline.

Is it all done in game or do you have to play with it outside too?

It’s done all in-game.

Oh, you should have made this a long time ago!

Deeply appreciated again Sk89q

EDIT: and for anyone who still cant figure it out, you need to type spawnmenu_reload in the console to apply the settings.

Is there any chance to get it to allow you to drag and drop the catagories?

Basically to put them in the order we wish.

I’ll look into that.

Padding removed, ordering added, and a bit more future-proof:

Note that the ordering isn’t as you mentioned, as I am not sure I can re-order the tabs without recreating them to begin with. Unfortunately you have to edit a text file.

This looks insanely useful, good job.

Finally :smiley:

No worries. At least the ability to do so is there now. Thankies :smiley:

This is pretty damn awesome, sure its nothing fancy but its insanely usefull.

This is


. :dance:

Thanks a ton.

You have my download sir, very nice. Keep up the good work!


Try 1.11:

That works great thanks.