Table client_lua_files is full can't add lua/effects/blah/blah.lua

Hello Facepunch community,

I have the following problem. When starting a singleplayer or multiplayer game, not every Addon is mounted or is just half-mounted. For example I installed a weapons pack with about 30 weapons and only 18 show up. Previously, Everything worked quite fine. I looked for some errors in the console and found this one:

Also some particle effects are missing. That error appears VERY often, over 100 times every time I start a new map, but every time with a new file. And everyfile it says is not in my game. Do I have too many addons?
Is there any way to fix this? Did you ever experienced this? Or am I out of RAM?

Thank you!

It means you’ve got too many addons installed. 2048 clientside files.