table.concat returning args as a nill value?

function Radio(pl,cmd,args)
if pl:Team() == 2 && args[1] then
for _,v in pairs(player.GetAll()) do
umsg.String(table.concat(args," "))
That’s my code, I’m attempting to make a radio type command and it’s returning args as a nil when it’s not. Anyone know why? :v

Is this in DarkRP?
What do you type in chat?
If you do “PrintTable(args)” at line 2, what do you get?

No, this is in a custom chatbox.

How about you do what Donkie said instead of threadshitting somewhere else?

Why don’t you not be suggestive next time because I did do that and got nothing, anyway I just fixed it 15 minutes ago.

Lol thats would be a real tell tale of the issue. If nothing prints then the function isnt run.

You should tell us what the problem was instead of being such a fucking asshat, he was only trying to help you.

I meant Donkie was trying to help, Wizard of ass is a tightass to noobs.

I never shot down Donkie, I didn’t know you could read feeling over the internet.

Atleast I’m not a retard that has nothing better to do than pointing out others being a tightass.

I also blocked you two now :v:

Atleast you got it fixed, but please read what I asked before replying.

I care that you blocked me, because?