Tables and loops

I’m messing with tables and such right now, as I figured out, that they are quite important when you’re developing stuff.
However, I did manage to create some console prints out of it, but I’m not very ‘specialized’ at printing them / using them with loops.

Also I got to know ‘ipairs’, the old wiki told me, that this was slower, and never really used… Is that correct?

I do not want you to use an hour teaching me all this, don’t get me wrong. I’d rather have some websites or tutorials, that I can use and get some knowledge.
Thank you :eng101:

If you want to print a table, you can use PrintTable, regarding ipairs, all the difference between it and normal pairs() is that ipairs() sorts the table in alphabetical order ( by keys ), so it is expected to be slower, it is useful in very specific cases.