Tables putting in 2 values at once?

Hello Facepunch,

I’m working on a addon which involves people buying a door and paying rent. What I’m wanting to do is when he buys the door I need to insert the door and the player into a table, how can i do this? Can someone show me the best way on using a table for this method?

Something like below…

// So when someone buys a door, this will happen below v
local Config = {door, client} -- not sure it this would work though...

Help is much appreciated.

What you put would work fine. To access door you’d do Config[1], and to get client you’d do Config[2].

If he was wanting to store the door and the player into a table would he not need to use 3D arrays since I’m assuming a lot of doors and people buying them, that’s a lot of data for a 1D array.

Yeah ofcourse, but to make my life easier, for an example when it’s time to pay rent I want to retrive the client and the door the client owns if that makes sense?

So, even if I bought a door, it should look like this…

    Room: 1
    ClientName: Jimmy
    PriceRent: 90

-- Is there anyway I can make it like this?

What’s the table being used for? If it’s for keeping track of who owns the doors, I’d just have a table of doors with each door being the key and the owner being the value.

Or each player has a table of their own doors and you insert the doors into the table.

Could you give me an example please?

And yeah, it’s so I can grab who owns the door and make him pay, and the door so i can grab the price of that specific door he needs to pay rent for, because not all doors will have the same price of rent…

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Yeah, but that just returns doors indexs…

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You are on the right path tho <3

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That is what I’m trying to decide, which method would be better to use because I’m currently storing a price on the door ( when an admin does /addrent 50 ) that’ll then make that door $50 ever x seconds.

So, when it’s time to pay rent, I need to grab the people who’re actually renting, and the specific door they’re renting?

Any ideas?