I have 2 questions.

Firstly, how do i assign keys and vars in a table?

Secondly, is this correct:

mytable = { "k", "v" }

Thanks for any help.

[lua]-- Sample table code
local mytable = {}
mytable[1] – Key = 3.14 – Value
mytable[“two”] – Key = “A string!” – Value

local mytable2 = {
3.14, – Value, automatically has key of 1
“two” = “A string!”, – Key of “two”, value of “A string!”
So you can assign keys and values either when you create the table or later on.

Yes your table is correct.

Ok, one more thing, is this correct:

mytable = { “key” = "value, “keyone” = “valueone” }


mytable = { “key”, “value”, “key1”, “value1” }

mytable = { “key” =“value”, “key2” = “value2” }

Your second example is four values with keys of 1, 2, 3, and 4, respectively.

Ok thanks very much.

how do i find out what line the key and var are actually on?

function hello(ply)

local x = { “hello”, “pie”, “delta”, “money” }

for k, v in pairs( mytable ) do

if v == ply then return end

if k == myhead then return end

else table.remove( x, whatever line k and v are on? )


(This is not thread hijacking because we are making this addon together so the problem is shared…)

[lua]function Hello(ply)
local mytable = {“hello”, “pie”, “delta”, “money”}
for k, v in pairs (mytable) do
if v != ply and k != myhead then
table.remove(mytable, k)

Never use return in a for statement unless it is supposed to end the whole function.

thanks :slight_smile: but should i not use ~= instead of != i was told something like != means if its the opposite and ~= means if its not although its never effected me :stuck_out_tongue:

just a technical Q :slight_smile:

table.insert(mytable, car = ply) is that how to insert a key AND a var? thanks :slight_smile:

Does anyone know? I still can’t figure out this table stuff. Thanks


Just what it says; it “inserts” a value as an integer key one higher than the max. You can’t give it a key yourself. So if your table was:

local tableofstuff = {
"A string",

And you did table.insert(tableofstuff,“A second string”) then that string has a key of 4.