Tabletop figures - Mechatronic Humanoids

Remember this thread?:

It sure was awesome! I got so inspired I wanted to start my own army. So far, it’s far from it, but it’s atleast a key unit. Something powerful, you know? Tank raper. Or something. Whatever. I don’t really have a name for this one yet, and I’ll use this thread to update my army. And ofcourse, I will write a lore for it aswell some time. When I got more units.

So far, the Behemt Mk.1:

Hand details:

Head and top details:

Alternative sets: <-This one kinda reminds me of a repair bot <- Somewhat of a favourite :smiley:

I can do this all day!

Also the pictures are pretty dark but I hope you can see well enough anyway.

I smell epic battles.

Brb need to change underwear…

This :'D

Fuckingshittingbitching awesome.
But I don’t think the tail is necessary…

Holy mother of cockshit! it looks so awesome!!!

Sat, this is fucking insane. So awesome. :gizz:

really, awesome work. I think it’s better than any of your tanks. Wow, these are sweet

This is cool and all… but… I need my unoriginal rating.

I agreed you. I know it’s incredibly lame and unoriginal but whenever a man’s inspired, you gotta let him run free.

holy shit the one you just added is awesome

I see you finished the materials fittanton.

Looks bloody damn awesome.

All new mats of the Behemt uploaded!

Hey thanks man :smiley: I think so aswell. I kinda got bored of tanks, somehow. Maybe this will be some kinda mech period.

Yeah maybe it isn’t, but you know functionality wise it brings stability. Nifty feature you know :3

woooooooooooooooooooooow, all the new material ones are kickass man!

Log onto Steam!

i like dem shrubs

ew it has tial u mus b furee omg ew purv lol


Nice mechs you got there, they look nice!



Omg. Epic!

Absolutely amazing. I am practically speechless.

Wow I had no idea people would like this so much. It really makes me want to continue on extending the army, and maybe one day make some of them walk.