tabs, Dframe help

I need help making my Tabs bigger on my Dframe to fit a 93x93 png. Everything I do, only shows a tiny bit of the picture but the rest is behind the dframe… Ill link a photo.

I know I have to remake the tabs but, I dont know how to make them to resize them.

I dont want the answer, just to be put in the right direction.

Well, after trying to figure this out, I stumbled upon some useful resources;

This specifically caught my eye :

for k, v in pairs( self.Items ) do

	if ( v.Tab:GetPanel() == ActivePanel ) then

		v.Tab:GetPanel():SetVisible( true )
		v.Tab:SetZPos( 100 )


		v.Tab:GetPanel():SetVisible( false )	
		v.Tab:SetZPos( 1 )




From this, you could potentially try something like :

for k, v in pairs( PropertySheet.Items ) do
	v.Tab:GetPanel():SetSize( 100, 100 )

Just a thought, no promises.