Tabula Rasa (Rebel Finishes off a Combine)

been really busy lately, so here’s one
hope you enjoy



the-dutch-guy’s edit:

C&C would be nice

It looks like sniper’s aim on his neck))


look at his neck area
there is a little red dot.


also picture is good.

Interesting use of the Latin term. It’s quite open to interpretation, and I like that. Is the soldier a blank slate because he is dead, or was he a blank slate before he died, open to the propaganda of the Combine due to all the cybernetics and experimentation?

But enough literary pretentiousness concerning the title: the picture itself is damn good.

the soldier is in a blank slate because he’s dead, and

thank you

He’s in a blank slate?


the combine is a blank slate

I get the feeling like the posing is a bit stiff and the blood looks a bit flat but the editing is really nice and the angle and idea is good too.

Also, the impact looks nice but it could be a bit more bloody :stuck_out_tongue:

I was making a joke about the fact it would be pretty difficult to be inside a slate.

changed it just for you babe