TACC serious RP

Join TACC tonight! We have phx, wire, Kermites pistols and smgs and shotguns ( Matt is working on getting them all ),huge drivable vehicles pack . We are a very serious rp and we want you all to have fun! Our IP is! Join as soon as possible and have fun. We play on evocity and rp_downtown. If you play enough and dont be a minge you have a good chance of getting admin!


Look, another DarkRP that claims to be serious RP.

** You’re not a serious roleplay community, don’t say you are. **

You don’t need to be so rude about it. Good luck with you’re server!

I suppose, but it makes me angry of all these new DarkRP servers, there’s atleast 10 a day. 3/10 posted.

He’s just tired of the feckin’ idiots who clog up the forums with posts like these then claim to be serious. The thread author has probably never heard of /me, and the server is probably full of gun dealers building impregnable fortresses. They think serious is kicking some idiot for killing the whole server, prop blocking spawn then attempting to crash the server. They make me sick.

Looks very serious when TACC Matt (I assume that’s the owner) has 6 kills within 1,5 hours, with 6 people on.

Thank you


This is a serious rp, You minge around you get a warning then kick. Again = ban for an hour. Thats basicly what we do if u break rules. RDM for example also follows this format. Threaten to hack/crash teh sever = Perma.


Hmmm Have you ever even been to my sever? Oh No? Then Shut Up and stop assuming things because the sever is the opposite of what u think.

Serious roleplaying (For those serious enough to take the miliseconds to type out the full word whilst realising that we’re not in a chatroom) has to do with whomever that runs the place, and the people, if you screen out the jerks and keep the nice ones, you got a good server, what you’re looking for is a server where everything is dumbed down to a “safe” level, kinda like what the movie Equilibrium is based on. You will never find a good server, key is to get good regulars and getting to know them, that’s how you get serious, not by posting a list of rules and renentless banning. Roleplaying gets serious once everyone is in on it, your judgement is clearly clouded if you think the gamemode defines players…

…You guys just never learn, do you?

What you just said proved my point, that isn’t serious RP, that’s just moderating. Also the fact that you have a huge number of guns, PHX and other stupid stuff, kinda implies you are like the other 5 million DarkRP servers out there.
Also, if you have any chance of attracting more people, then you need to try and do something which is unique, or maybe add some kind of storyline. Unfortunately, most people don’t have the time to try out every single feckin’ DarkRP server that pops up on here, so we have to make assumptions, and to make them good assumptions, your OP should be better.

Gee, I wonder why you ignored the perfect point that I made…

Because that point is far from perfect. There is nothing un-serious about using an abbreviation in a forum, we are not in a role-playing situation or anything, so there’s no need to have to spell everything out. Would you have a go at someone for using abbreviations like HL2 or Lol? If you think people should be serious 24/7, and if they are not they are totally un-serious, then you think strange.


The IP doesn’t work, so there’s no chance of me getting on your server.

I was referring to my point about that it’s the players that makes the server, not the gamemode. But DarkRP is really useful when it comes to that I guess, I mean, screens out snobbs such as yourself.

…Nevermind, you keep up the predgidism towards DarkRP, saves me time…

He’s not being prejudiced; DarkRP screens in minges.

Secret is to interview people before letting them in, it’s easy to set up a basic HTML application script.

But yeah, if you just unleash the masses of random people into your server, it’s bound to fail…

I have not mentioned anything bad about DarkRP at all. It has potential, but run in this way, with people like these, it gives me no reason to join, and it has every reason to fail. Like you said, it is the community that makes the difference. I was simply saying that this server cannot be serious RP, and the owner/admin proved my point with what he said. I think DarkRP can be, and probably was, an extremely good Gamemode, before it was butchered, then left to rot in a thousand pieces in near identical servers. And If anyone here is a snob, it is you, picking at abbreviations and seriousness. I do play in DarkRP servers, and in some of the good ones I have glimpsed the potential it has to be good. I find it extremely childish and stupid the way you calling people Snobbish and prejudice by a few posts.

I just hate it when people judges a book by it’s cover, I mean, just look at the bible, people refer to it as “The good book”, even though it’s the most fanatical piece of crap ever written, a skeptic wants to be convinced, therefore it would be logical to try it before trashing it. No matter how bad impression it gives. Or just… You know… Not say anything…

Nowadays you have to judge a book by its cover, and the same applies to servers, because of the sheer number of them. If it looks good, you look at the blurb, or in a servers case, seek extra information or people’s opinion. Then if it still looks good, I might buy the book, or go on the server. If is crap I’ll dump the book, or leave the server.
Trying to stay on topic a bit here, I think the OP and all people advertising their servers on FP need to make sure they give a good first impression, or “Front Cover”. That means good grammar and spelling, a working IP, a decent outline of what their server is and what happens on it, maybe some screen shots, and something giving people a reason to join. Unfortunately, this thread lacks them all, and I made an assumption, and it just happened to be right.

I guess perception does play a certain angle on these things. Just that I hate when people go “DarkRP, bad…” and just end it there. But if you judge by advertising, then I guess this server could use a facelift. I myself have had a DarkRP server for about a week now, about 17 members and it’s growing as we speak. Truth is, even you applied…

Sorry for not accepting you, though, I never found your steam account.

Hello everyone I am the owner of the server and I have been reading some of these posts. There are a few points I wanted to clear up for everyone.

  1. Teens Against Cyber Crime (TACC) is designed to give everyone a safe place to play online without the feeling of being attacked by an online predator. It is possible to still be contacted by one but in TACC it is less likely because of our safeguards. So this server has been established to give people a safe place to game while having fun. www.tacconline.com

  2. We are very serious all admins are interviewed before allowed to join. An admin only has 2 chances. Admin abuse is grounds for automatic admin suspension or removal.

  3. We have lots of rules to make the game play safe and fun. Rules to control and play by. Please join our server and just test it out and see for yourself no “minge bags” are allowed.