Tackling CPs

I was daydreaming in class, and I thought “WOOWEE-GEE! Wouldn’t it be splendiferiffic if we could have an metropolice NPC that SPRINTED up to the player, and, with a small, corny, jump animation, would jump up a little, and completely turn into a ragdoll, making it looked like he tackled you?”

I’m picturing just a CP, that runs faster than normal, doesnt use weapons(he holds all of the weapons in one hand, no shooting), and, tackled you, but, never gets up. if he tackles you, you both turn to ragdolls, and fall to the earth, you go thirdperson, then die, after you can view your doom. If he misses, he just lies there (or make him have a 5 second seizure if you want).

ooooh. I can see that happening… Expect me to post a video on this thread of a CP doing that. Not for real, just a quick one to show what it would look like, so if a lua modding NPC person comes, they can make it cool :smiley:

Well, could this be done with ragmod? Because I still enjoy ragdolling just to football-tackle CP’s.

What version of ragmod can you tackle CPs with…?

Any version. Just run at them and go ragdoll, and your body will collide with theirs, doing ragdoll physics damage. Combine Dismemberment Mod with Ragmod ragdoll tackling (Try using Shift and Noclip for extra oomph - pressing shift while in noclip with ragmod on will send you flying in ragdoll mode), and you’ll have the goriest known version of bowling to date. :smiley:

Well, if you’re going fast enough anyway. Any other time, they just scream “AUGH!” and stand there staring at my corpse. YOu have to noclip, suicide/ragdoll in the air, and let gravity do the rest. (in essence, First Law of Motion.)

I meant the CP’s tackle YOU, not the other way around.