Tackling the current spawn killing etc

Perhaps Rust should take a little inspiration from DayZ…

In DayZ you spawn in a random location on the coast, it is a huge map and you’re unlikely to see someone as soon as you spawn. You can usually get some basic gear and head up the map into the more densely populated area.

Now Rust has a huge map that is barely used. The difference between DayZ and Rust is that your player and your loot (theoretically) is always online in the form of your base or shack and can (again theoretically) always be looted. Now unless logging off with all your gear is going to be part of the game, resource areas should be more common to encourage bases being built further apart. (You don’t find all the high military gear within 10 minutes walk on DayZ do you?). Then they should obviously reduce the inventory size to avoid people logging with their gear.

Currently the small amount of resource abundant areas is slightly annoying and is leading to a lot of houses being built quite close to each other. However as more people begin to play Rust and the amount of people building increases this could become quite a big issue with resource areas being constantly camped and bases being raided as soon as their owner goes offline.

Here are some prototype drawings I just made in paint, these are more suited to a large player count.

Current spawn area

Potential spawn area

Current resource spawn areas

Potential resource spawn areas

Obviously this can be adapted for various player counts simply by making the amount of spawn areas smaller but I believe currently the areas that people can live in are too small for our current player count.

Umm…did you completely forget about the houses you can make?

Random spawns = undefendable.

Right now, the devs aren’t worried about the fine details of game balance. They’re testing the engine. That’s why this game is in alpha, and you guys are ALPHA TESTERS.

Now, having said that, you give good feedback, but I’m gonna guess that this is hardly a high priority for the devs on the short-term.

Obviously the camp spawn is still there this is just to stop everyone building bases right next to each other and about 20 people fighting for one resource area

I thought the resources are spawning where are people.

No, they spawn only in certain areas.