Taco Nation - Garry's Mod community



Taco Nation itself has been around since 2003, starting as a Warcraft 3 clan, 7 years on it has matured into a large Garry’s mod community with 4 servers. We are quite relaxed, not taking much seriously besides the rules in place.




[release]Q. Is there a forum?
A. Yes there is my kind friend: http://www.taconation.net/forums/index.php

Q, Got banned, what do?
A. Post on the forums about your ban, not here this is for feedback and discussion.

Q. Are admins active on your servers?
A. Yep, an admin is on most of the day and we also have moderators who can gag and kick players, they’re mainly the trusted people of the community.

Q. How can I get admin/moderator
A. Trust system, if we see your a good player you will be assigned to moderator status, don’t go asking for mod or admin though, you will probably be gagged or banned.

Q. What’s the issue on kids?
A. In fact, unlike a lot of servers we don’t get a lot of spammy kids, if a kid joins the server and uses microphone it’s not an auto-gag it’s just a wait and see if this is a fuck wit but most of the times they are mature and intelligent, don’t abuse them though.[/release]

The actual owner of this server is CrazySpray and Jasper, I made this for them with their permission, I myself am a moderator on the Taco Nation servers.

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So do I, nice looking advert with the information needed (at first I thought it was a Tacoshit2 community)

Haha thanks

It looks like you put effort in this advertisement. Doesn’t hurt to try their servers.

Yeah are you Australian? If not still come because we get a lot of American and UK players!

Hey guys all our server are in it’s peak at the moment, it’s best to test the community now.

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Yeah and that will the admins assume as spam since its NOT allowed.

Where does it say that?

Tons of people has been banned for that reason.

Classic Build has a new home, check it out some time.

Sadly, gametracker still thinks it’s a tf2 server as that was the previous game on that IP.

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If you see the server name he posted, Its by the same community.