Taco Nation - Sandbox


The servers are dedicated, Australian hosted, revolving completely around building and what GMod is for, being stupid and having fun.

TTT is a serious server, with zero tolerance to RDMing etc.

Admins are extremely active, nice and often hold server events, like sometimes enabling DM (protecting builders), having fort wars, boat wars etc.
They’ll also up limits if you have a genuine reason and ask nicely.

We’ve tried to keep the number of addons on the sandbox server down, to make it less cluttered and laggy.
•Easy Precision
•A few very popular/needed building addons (Buoyancy, unbreakable, parent etc.)

Drop in sometime and have some fun with your Australian taco friends!

To much red.

Thank you for your great input regarding the server.

Oh look wiremod, the thing that has completely taken over Garry’s Mod. Get rid of wire and I might come.

I don’t really see the problem with wire, it’s not like you’re forced to use it and if you don’t want to use it, you can just ignore it anyway.

I’ll try this server tomorrow, I am hoping it will not be very laggy.

Then you have annoying errors all over?

Schu stop being a dick, I know what you did to my kiwi server.

Ill check it out tomorrow.

I’m glad to see build servers are still up. So many servers are roleplaying or new gamemodes. I have the most fun on build servers.

I didn’t know I did anything,

I’ll come check it out. I hope theres no people with the drunken combines…

Just to let everyone know we have 2 more servers up!
We have a Trouble in Terrorist Town
And we have a Zombie Survival which is in testing.
Our website is www.taconation.net

Why are everyone so obsessed with taco’s?

Why not? Before you think we ‘joined the bandwagon’, we’ve been around for about 7 years.

Garry’s mod has not even existed for seven years, proof naow!

Taco Nation originated in Warcraft 3 didn’t it Crazy?

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You’re abit of a kissass.

And no, that was not the least related to inputs, nothing is going to be called an “input” when it’s a referance to my ass…

Wiremod is used for alot of shit in Gmod stop being butthurt because you’re to dumb to use it.

Move along. Don’t bother about this server anymore. I was the person who originally started this with Awesome but I have been kicked in the gut and been thrown out.