Taco Script

Yes folks! This is the real deal.


(Please ignore the other posts)

The last version of taco script (From March 10th) from the original creator of the script. This does not include any third party mods from other script writers.

This is the FINAL VERSION of TACO SCRIPT that will be created by Rick himself. Any other scripts with the name Taco Script on them violated the original agreements of earlier deals and are not legitimate scripts. All others are third party modifications and edits - be it good or bad -.

We have decided to release an older version because we are currently updating to a much newer script, and getting rid of our community. We just thought we’d let everyone who would like it get a hold of it.

This does not include the custom models.
This is only the serverside and probably some of the Clientside scripts, along with the SQL database and such

This one does NOT have any passwords attached to it

All user and character data is removed.

Here's a list of features that come within tacoscript:
Custom HUD system
Custom menus and layout
All weapons have an ironsight ability
Saving characters
Economic System

A working radio system (Goes by ###.# format)
Working combine system (Overwatch, Standard combine classes, Elite overwatch, City Administrators, Temporary units (or recruits), and two custom classes)
Custom Chat box with seperating tabs
In character and out of character chat
   Personal Messaging system
   Local Out Of character chat
   Radio system (With request ability)
   Yell function
   Whisper Function
   /me function
   Global out of character chat
   Standard proximity chat
   Broadcast system
   Advertisement System
   And a few others

Self titling system
Different character stats
Business licenses
Black market flag system
Inventory based on item size and weight
Self biography along with saving characters
Stats do effect how much damage you do and how well you aim along with how much damage you can take and how many hitpoints you have.

Extensive Administration function system
List of commands a few commands:
  Kick (reason)
  Permanent ban
  You can ban physics guns and toolguns (We call this tooltrust)
  Other commands


If you want to change the MySQL login information, go into server_events.lua, there are two spots for this.
(This is real guys, for once it is)

(Here’s a little proof)
I hate the compression on imageshack…


Here’s a garry’s mod link to the file.

add rapid before share.de


I do not take credit for any part of this script created. I have full permission from it’s creator: Rick Darkaliono to post this thread and any content inside this thread.

This is the real thing.

We don’t need two threads for one gamemode buddy. Although this one has more information, I say kill off the lesser one.

File-Flow Download Link

Yes this is what I was going for because the other one wouldn’t be taken well by the people who moderate this forum.

The Other one was a mistake.

He made a mistake in posting the other thread… that one was posted in the wrong forum. It can be deleted if any mods are reading this.

The Garry’s Mod Roleplay community all has boners currently, or are completely wigging out.

This could be a serious turn, and the bring-down of some…Communities.
Get ready for hell boys.

That isn’t really the aim, but whatever happens happens. This one is being released because a revamped version is coming out shortly (which will not be released).

With great script comes great spoiler

they both die, Enjoy.


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No we do not intend really for anything like that, we usually do release the older versions of Taco Script when we update to a new script entirely.

Yep. Except they released about 8000 passwords with it as well. Good thing its more than the script that makes the community as this version has been released for sometime now.

Nope, We actually deleted the passwords.



It actually hasn’t. This is the latest Rick Edit to taco script before any third party edits or fixes.

Rick Darks password is zarzab99, in that version.



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We hope this’ll be seen for what it was, holding the RP community back in the dark for personal gain and bitter petty rivalries between individual people for e-glory.

This one does NOT have any passwords attached to it

All user and character data is removed.

The others are all uploaded to GarrysMod and Fileflow

Why are you here?

Wow, dick move.

Almost as dick as this removed


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