Taconbanana Roleplay Screenshots

I figured as so much of the GMOD community comes to FacePunch, it would make sense to show you all what we have been up to in the last year or so at TnB. A long time ago I was told that “FP generally hated TNB”, but…I’ve never really noticed it. In the last 6 months especially, I think our RP has come on leaps and bounds, and despite what other Roleplay communities think of us, I think it’s fair to say we have been pushing the mark for GMOD RP to new heights.

These are a few select screenshots taken since around Christmas, when we became Independent from past owners.

All are real in-game shots…no NPCs etc.
As you may know, we have 5 servers, the first being our main based on City 18, a second for “quiet” Rp in a smaller part of C18 (precinct13), our third server is based on Episode 2 - the outlands beyond the city where the Resistance operate, and the fourth being inside the C18 Citadel.

(server 5 is totally unhinged, authentic Starship Troopers RP, but we’ll forget about that for now :P)

If anyone wants to get involved, come check us out at www.taconbanana.com

Combine-themed screenshots -

During training on a saturday

Riot-shields being deployed during an uprising in the plaza

Practicing formations for marches

Overwatch Breaching Techniques

Trainstation checkpoints

“Meet and greet the Combine City Administrator”

Ration lines

Resistance themed screenies -

An attack along a coastline

Vortigaunts ressurecting a fallen female resistance fighter

Hacking into Combine databases

Snipers in the outlands

A group photo of the main Resistance “The Lambda Movement”

using airboats to move to camp “NLO”

A large group on the move

The air-exchange camp

So yeh, I just wanted to provide some insight into our RP. Hope this gives people some incentive to change their minds about us, and our image.

RP is usually not that clean, it’s mostly just people messing around.

What I’m trying to say is, I think we’ve changed that.

Well mate, I’ve been on the server before, your server, and it was a mess… no role playing what so ever.
If you changed it that much, I would love to get a download link to everything so I don’t have to load it all from the server.

I hope it’s better, the last time i played, a bunch of people wanted to be cops, and they all got it, and when they were cops, they just killed everybody.

No NPCs? Damn that is a fucking big server. I think I will try and join sometime soon.


Is it like Melonbrew at all? Like having to subscribe on the forums and get posts to get the password to the server?


If this is for real from what I’ve read on the how to get started page, it sounds good enough to eat/have sex with.

Here I thought I was nerdy

well, different strokes for different folks





I like the ‘Snipers in the Outland’ picture.

Shame they’re NPC’s. :o

Most are NPC’s.

I’ve been to Taco N’ Banana.

I got loads of T-Poses.

I used to roleplay alot like that ages ago, then it died.

I wish I could get back to places like that and have some fun.


It’s a lost haven.

Fuck, I missed the training…oh well…atleast we have those pretty pictures.

I like the Hacking into the combine database, because he can hack into the combine data base with his ass :v:

I think you may be mixing us up with the “other” TNb, which we split off from. They were ran by our old hosts. We don’t allow any of the “how2becop” type people on the server, unless they learn real quick.

The password is on the forums, yes. The T-pose problems were over months ago also.

And as I said before, there are NO NPCs in those shots, despite your suspicions. I took each one myself. I wouldnt come here trying to flog false pictures…

Nope, they’re all players. Left is me, skin is my work too.

NPCs are very seldom used, usually for Hunter raids or antlions down on the sand so people keep off of it.

What the hell? Why can’t I post on the TnB forums. I want information I can’t ask for, and that makes me mad. Grr


You’re not updating the forum enough. It’s useless being registered because the password listed there is not the same as the actual servers password.

Mine Dog RP was a lot more fun imo

Here’s a couple more.


The Sector Commander (basically Taco ‘n’ Banana’s Combine leader) orders the execution of a unit.


The first rounds are fired.


A ration distribution centre.


The Sector Commander addresses his charges by hologram.


The mass-relocation of citizens by the Combine.


An enterprising Squad Leader orders citizens to clean a bridge in an effort of mindless futility.


A Combine medical centre, replete with bio-engineered synthetic AI.


A T-posing City Administrator chucks the wedding rings of a hopeful couple from a bridge high above the city.


An intense situation in which Civil Protection units deal with a rogue CP gone suicidal.

When I try to join the main server, I get the error “this server uses different class tables” or something. Is it because the just released gmod update?

The server just restarted and it broke the script! D:

Ogod, the last pic… That was my old Civil Protection character.

Good times…

Combine training, another picture. Notice how they all got different poses and face in different directions, how can they possibly be NPCs?

Overlooking the city with a Sniper Rifle. Using color mod for making your own night vision is so nice.

Overwatch raids on the outlands. It’s just for us to get their location In-Characterly. Again, hurray for Night Vision Colormod.

Can’t I have a little bit of fun, commanding these units?

Loancamps… For those who like some extra funds.

Vortigaunts, sigh, why do they always behave so strange!

A nice outlands hide-out. (photoshopped, but the main base itself is real)

Sigh Violence… Yes, we have it.

Oh shit, where is this ride going to?!

Your orders are dispatched, MOVE OUT!

sigh, The Combine doesn’t like Vortigaunts…

Got PropDM’d? Send in a ban request, admins deal with it quickly.

The Combine AA turret Mk.12(made out of props), yes we do some research…

Damn dem Vorts!

Do we really have to listen to this?


Never joined your server. as soon as I got my PC fully working again I’ll join to see what’s up.