TacoScript 1 Animations.

Hey everyone,

I have taken it upon myself to try to resurrect an old tacoscript gamemode (All the trolls reading this just perked up) for a feel of OldSchool RP. So far, I have been very successful, I have fixed all the features except for one, the Animations.

I have made several attempts to fix it, including using a script I found (http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=100345). That script actually did fixed it, but brought up a new problem. It seems Rick never coded in the rp_toggleholster to anywhere other than the NPCanims.lua file. In turn, by using this script, the toggle holster feature is rendered useless; which is a huge part of RP.

If anyone here has any ideas to pitch in, that would be fantastic. I’m not asking anyone to script out a solution, I just would like to be thrown an idea on how to fix the toggle holster while using these animations. I have quite a bit of a coding background, so I should be able to catch on.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me, and please try not to flame too much…

I don’t understand what’s wrong with rp_toggleholster. Is the function gone or…?

Thanks for the reply, I was getting worried… :slight_smile:

Yeah, the only concommand for toggle holster was in the anims, but he actually coded it directly into the anims themself. The script is below:

function HolsterToggle( ply )

if( not NPC_ANIMS_ENABLED ) then return; end

if( not ply:GetActiveWeapon():IsValid() ) then

if( ply:GetNWInt( "tiedup" ) == 1 ) then 

local weap = ply:GetActiveWeapon();

if( ply:GetNWInt( "holstered" ) == 1 ) then
	for j, l in pairs( NeverAimed ) do
		if( l == weap:GetClass() ) then

	MakeAim( ply );
	for j, l in pairs( AlwaysAimed ) do
		if( l == weap:GetClass() ) then
	MakeUnAim( ply );

concommand.Add( “rp_toggleholster”, HolsterToggle );

This completely got overhauled in the animation fix mentioned above…

That code is by FNox and it has a toggleholster function built in.

Your not making sense, atleast to me.

Right, Sorry i’m not explaining it well.

FNox made three conditions: always aimed, never aimed, and can be used holstered. If a weapon isn’t in a category and it needs to be unholstered, then it doesn’t work. If it is in always aimed, then it doesn’t allow you to holster it. If a weapon is in never aimed, then same issue.

I hope that clears it up a little bit. Animations give me a head ache to me honest, so sorry if I’m confused myself…

Weapons that aren’t aimed, and weapons that are always aimed aren’t suppose to be holstered.

Right, but with that system, there is no room for weapons such as the stun baton and 9mm in the respect that they can’t be be holster toggled. They have to be holstered 100% of the time, or unholstered 100% of the time.

When it comes to RP, it is very important to allow users to signify aggression or intention (unholstered) or just a show of power (holstered). It’s pretty much the difference between shoot-on-sight and just being arrested.

Eh, the point of the animation system is that most weapons with some exceptions have a on hand passive mode, referred to erroneously as holstered and an active pose referred to as unholstered.

The problem with the script is simple, it’s 2 years old, with tacoscript being 4 years old. You NEED to use a more recent script.

Tiramisu is coming soon :slight_smile:

Thanks for replying FNox, I really appreciate your animations, you saved me a lot of stress.

I definitely understand that this is an old script, but there has to be a way to fix it. I have the rest of it pretty much renewed, I could release it right now as a 2011 version and it would be new again…

Rather you didn’t.

Wasn’t planning on it due to the drama. I was just trying to make a point…

I managed to make F-Nox’s animations system work with TS2 by simply swapping some code around.
I would recommend using (the upcoming) Tiramisu’s updated animations V3, though, since it’s a lot better in many ways.

I would give you the link to the github, but I’m not sure if F-Nox would like that.

Did you get the holster working as well? If so, I would really love to look at the code if you still have it.

I already have the grit link btw. :slight_smile:

Yes, I got the holster working in TS2 as well. Although I’ve never really worked with fixing TS (since it’s so outdated) so I wouldn’t know if it’s any different.

I’ll upload it on here later.

Edit: I had lost my old copy of the fixed TS2 anims, so I threw this together rather quickly: