TacoScript 2 Complete

Here it is again folks, last and final release. Here is some information on the gamemode, screenshots and downloads. The script has a few bug such as the timer bars screwing up and people not having their name load, there may be more, but I can’t remember them or wasn’t told of them.

In a nutshell, this is Riechs version with edits.

TacoScript 2 was started by Rick Dark for the Taco n’ Banana community. It was cancelled and release as an incomplete gamemode.The script was finished and modded by various people including Rick Dark, Janorkie, Kahn, Myself, Sharpy and the scripting team at PubGamer and ReichRP.

This script runs on SQLite, you do not need a MySQL database for this!

The script features a grid system, a full chat command system, and a character creation and flagging system just like Epidemic, a number of various items and weapons. It has various SENTS such as a reciever radio which transmits text as 3d2d, vending machine and a ration machine. There are various play animations for citizens and Civil Protection, a detailed help menu and a various array of admin commands, as well as a sound system, It has a container system so you can put items in lockers or in boxes, and a bleeding and unconcious system. It has a fancy vgui too.







Click here to download TacoScript 2 Complete

Extract the folders to garrysmod/garrysmod/. The sv.db may overwrite your old one.

 If you want animations to work properly, upload the source 2007 .ani files to your server!

Do not contact any of the members affiliated with this project, because we/I will not help you.

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The admin dosen’t work, i cant add my self to whitelist.

This is a rp?

Any info on how to setup mysql…?


No .sql file…fun…

Ehm… Can you get admin working on your server, if you have one?

The script runs on SQLite, you don’t need a MySQL Database.

Really? Cool. Still strange though. I cant create a character. Ill try again today.


Ok. It works. But when your done, the screen to choose a flag stays up.

The only thing i need to get working now is the admin. If you want to see the server.


Ill do a trade. Upload the TS2 you have somewhere and let me DL, since I obviously did something wrong, and ill tell you how to get admin working. Add btrax on steam if your interested.

God dammnit. Anybody got the models needed for this?

Oh god, prepare for mass amounts of SQL HELP threads.

anyone have any idea how to make the weapons not have infinite ammo?


Please? I tried Dling the official model pack, but mediafire’s being a bitch. If I do get it, i’ll mirror it somewhere.

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animations are really fucked up
player menu stays up constantly
it is not resourced
toggling guns should not be a console command… just saying.

for the player menu thing, when your on the opening screen, press any of the buttons, ONCE. It just takes abit to pop up.