TacoScript 2, Garry's Mod 13 Release

In case anyone still cares, here’s the HL2RP and TRP forks of taconbanana’s TacoScript 2:


I’m gonna leave the community drama baggage at the door (and ask you to do the same, we all know what kind of reputation TnB has), suffice to say though, TnB is practically (un)dead and the gamemode includes a lot of (typically uncredited) work from the Facepunch community as well as “I’ll totally pay you when you’re done… not! Sucker!”-type arrangements between Dave and a number of “contract” developers, so I don’t see anything wrong with making it available to the general public. Chances are you’re already familiar with it, if not, tl;dr is that it’s a gamemode that was (literally) cobbled together with the more serious variety of roleplay in mind.

As far as I’m aware, both forks are free of backdoors, though you’ll have to edit the built-in isrick super-admin roster which lists the Steam IDs of a few folks you might not want to have admin privileges on your server (I know, it’s stupid - expect more of that if you actually go ahead and look into the code). They’re pretty recent, no porting required. You’ll have to tweak them a little to make them work, namely mess with the config.lua file, possibly some other things as well, shouldn’t be too difficult for anyone with a basic grasp on lua and a bit of patience though.

Yes, TS2 is horrible spaghetti code. You can tell where stuff was copy-pasted from these forums and other gamemodes (frequently with the comments removed - gg). Horsey - and some of the other TnB “coders” - were anything but professional and mature, so you’ll find functions like SetShit ( shit ). Hey, at least it’s not Clockwork.

Don’t expect any in-depth tech support from me, though if it’s something small, ask nicely in this thread and if I can answer it off the top of my head I’ll do it.


Oh my god, I can see the drama tsunami coming!

EDIT : Thanks btw!

im surprised it took you this long lol

Really, I’m not sure if anyone at TnB really cares at this point - other than Dave maybe, but he’s so out of touch with his own community it’s not even funny anymore.

thanks now we can have shitty edits of ts2 on the server lists

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but anyways thanks

Yeah, didn’t really want to release TS2 at a point at which doing so could’ve caused actual harm to the community. Make of that what you will.

i cant really say im going to be having trouble sleeping over it no lol

I wasn’t expecting this, but hey, less clockwork is a good thing.

Can I read up on all the drama somewhere? I’m really interested as to what was going on round it.

Code-wise it looks pretty cluttered. Why use different networking systems literally on functions next to each other.

screw the system maaaan

oh GOD

the code

my eyes

jesus christ

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also, owned

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also does this version of ts2 still have the exploit where you can spawn items via console commands?

hi foofighter, still lurking your thread i see

the story of tacoscript 2 is the story of doing everything 10 different ways because no one wanted to rewrite half of the gamemode to simplify things

hi steve

though I prefer to go by Eli nowadays

That’s part of it, yeah - the other part is most of TnB’s upper management subscribing to the idea that there’s no actual need to do well when there’s no competition (“so what, items randomly disappear unless you drop them and pick them up just before you disconnect. Why bother? Not like there’s anywhere else people can go to get their serious RP. Just work on those shiny SWEPs instead because someone paid me 50 bucks to have it added to the server”). Most devs I’ve dealt with in my time as admin at TnB were treated were seen as expendable and frequently treated poorly as a result.

That’s just the gamemode-related drama, mind you. The community as a whole has a lot more issues than that, but they’ve all already been brought up in every other TnB thread here on Facepunch, over and over again.

I think it’s been fixed, but I wouldn’t bet any money on it.

I was kind of hoping TRP’s script would be left alone for a while since a lot of work was done outside of Dave’s influence, but I agree that we can’t just use the whole “durr hurr we’re the only ones with TS2 ever” as some sort of trump card and it’s made Dave lazy and given him an overly inflated idea of TNB’s importance. He’s created a little bubble where TNB is still some high quality community from years ago and his word is the best, despite treating his devs, admins (and honestly people that aren’t part of his social circle or paid donators) with much less credibility and respect that they deserve. Outside of that, he also doesn’t provide the support the other subcommunities need and gets involved in ways that he shouldn’t: he sees these kinds of involvement as one in the same and then tries to make us admins seem hypocritical for complaining. He also has miles of redtape and hoops to jump through to get permission to handle these problems ourselves, such as restarting the server, uploading content, or even really editing that content to remove unused material.

Our TRP server’s relaunch is essentially on hold because in addition to real life committments, we’ve been stonewalled at almost every turn by trying to get the accesses we need and we have no other options.

We’ve tried for a very long time to try and improve TNB’s reputation but with a really divided community and very little “Care” factor from Dave, it’s basically gotten nowhere and it’s almost embarrassing to identify with TNB anywhere outside of it.

Having played at TNB for 5 years and acted as an admin there for 3, take my advice if you run a server: Trust your players and admins, always respect your dev and modelers, reasonably price your donator content and make sure that it’s worth the money you pay for it. Learn to realize that times and people both change and you need to be able to adapt in order to survive. Despite TNB being very old it doesn’t seem like the people that made it really understand that no matter how many times we go through the same cycle.

I don’t exactly want to say “Don’t go to TNB right now” but I’m suggesting doing what any sane person would do at this point.

Rest in peace TnB

And thanks, been looking to get my hands on ts2 trp for months.

TnB, serious dayz community

can i be a cross dresser by default in this release

the only thing that tacoscript carried in the end was it’s name

when they said the script was held together with duct tape they weren’t joking

That’s true. Frankly, there are several more script bases out there that are miles ahead. I only mentioned TRP’s TS2 because that was something we actually worked on ourselves while keeping in close contact with the devs in response to what we actually needed, which wasn’t happening with the other subs at the time.

Serves Dave right tbh.

With anyluck someone can take these, make them into better scripts and possibly make a community that isn’t abandoned for DayZ.