Tacoscript 2 Help!

Okay, I got three questions.

  1. How DO I make animations work? I’ve put the whole model file from source2007models.cgf to srcds/orangebox/garrysmod/models And they still wont work! I tried using LemonadeScript too, the animations did not work there either. Can there be something in my addons? EDIT: And with animations I mean that their arms are pointing out in the air and in tacoscript it’s that and when you sit and shit, you know.

  2. I saw in tacoscript 2 thread that it was supposed to go to some room to get your armoury. But if your like a hunter? And where is this room in city 45 v2n? Do you have to set it yourself in that case how?

  3. Do you need to create a resistance flag yourself or is there already any, cause I can’t find one.

I know, I’m a big fat noob. But please, I would love help! and don’t tell me to change gamemode cause I’m not that great with lua.