Tacoscript 2 - RELEASE

Well it’s here everyone. The wait is over. I have created this version from scratch and it is very much the best of Tacoscript. I am part of Gerard’s script team and that is why I am releasing it and he is not.

I will be taking screenshots shortly but I would like to see what you all think of it.

This will be the final version of Tacoscript. Please enjoy.

:siren: DOWNLOAD BOTH :siren:



There is already a Taco Script 2.

This is the one and only Tacoscript 2 so I’m guessing you are talking about this one.

Hasn’t that reich rp crap been running on “TS2”?

Troll. Fuck off with this

I sold it to them.

ya he did he gr8 scripor


It’s a virus that stupid hacker named Gerard is trying to give everyone it.

He’s been DDoSing ventrilo servers and he just got done DDoSing www.sourceop.com

Don’t download this it will mess your computer up pretty badly

And if gerard tries to message you… Log off steam immediately

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Everyone for your own safety disregard Herbie, He’s probably working for fucking gerard.

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So does this have a virus? Or not?

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TS2 has thousands of more files. The .project file is most likely the virus in this.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

The .project is totally a virus.

It is a virus do you see the build command thing? It’s made by gerard it will delete your system 32