TacoScript 2 Simple problem

Okay so im using TacoScript2 for my new server. And i was wondering if someone knew how to make CPs spawn with weapons such as, a stunstick. I’ve looked a good deal around for the answer but i have came up with nothing. If anyone could tell me how to do this i would be in their debt.

You’re not using Waffler’s buggy leak are you? If you are, kill yourself.

…but anyway

You need to go to player_util and find ‘HandleTeamSpawn’. There should be a lot of elseif’s checking if you have the flag and what loadouts to give.

Tip; give a delay between each give of an item, or you’ll be sending a ton of usermessages at the same time.

I found what your talking about but what should i do?

rpa_createitem make a armoury.

horsey, why are you bothering