Tacoscript || A whole new look

New HUD and more classes!! I know you are tired of seeing the same old depressing Tacoscript HUD, so i decided to lighten it up for ya!! I also added alot of new Civil Protection classes and models as well as more weapons and items to choose from!

I’m hosting a hl2 Roleplay server for the Hyper-gamer community!! Check my board out and get info about when the server goes live and you can check out the script! While you wait you can even apply for Hl2 factions or apply for a group or a certain business to be made official, the limits are endless.

Go here to find out server information and other information. Go to the Hl2 Roleplay section for Hl2 related stuff.

Looks like to me, you just changed the bars and made the boxes more transparent… and to mention that those bars look like the ones from BearScript…

I’ll show you my edited tacoscript

Your’s looks nice, i like how you bolded the other person’s playerinfo. What is your community called? IP? Did you make the screen so depressing by editing the photo orrrr? It kinda looks like TS2 also.

The script is on two communitys (HarmonyRP & Pub-Gamer)… and for some reason, I’m banned from HGN, oh well.

omg wafler that is AWESOME
can you give me it plz i wont leak

depressed shit is from ts2 yu fuker
cant code urself can yu lolololol
wtf leak it

also i want dickscripts

So did you do the editing or did somebody else do it? And where did those 2 communities get the script?

Damnit Awwent, no!

Also, It’s easily re-created by colourmod.

I edited both.


Also, I got inspiration from TS2 :smiley:

I luvs you RickD

Waffler what is your steam friend’s i’d like to add you.


I added you.

It just shows how crazy people go when someone changes a color on something and learns how to use pp_colormod

[lua]local function DrawBW()
if( ValidEntity( LocalPlayer() ) ) then
if( bw:GetInt() == 1 ) then

local bw = {} 
bw[ "$pp_colour_addr" ] 		= 0;
bw[ "$pp_colour_addg" ] 		= 0;
bw[ "$pp_colour_addb" ] 		= 0;
bw[ "$pp_colour_brightness" ] 	= -.09;
bw[ "$pp_colour_contrast" ] 	= 1.84;
bw[ "$pp_colour_colour" ] 		= .4;
bw[ "$pp_colour_mulr" ] 		= 0;
bw[ "$pp_colour_mulg" ] 		= 0; 
bw[ "$pp_colour_mulb" ] 		= 0;
DrawColorModify( bw ); 





Obviously, it’s still missing some stuff…

Dejavu… i’m not accusing you but i swear i’ve seen that exact code somewhere.

Cause everyone uses it for sad colours?

You’ve probably seen it on Cydar or something.

My code is messy :frowning:

Kamern i mean written exactly the same, same function name same table name

I dunno where you got that from Amity, because I wrote that all myself.


If you look through my posts, you can see that I posted the same code to help someone else.

Probably where i saw it lol