TacoScript Classic

The goal of this gamemode is to update (possibly continuously) TacoScript 1 up to current script standards, while keeping the TS1 feel, and to distribute it to have more options for a standard server than whatever Conna’s current script is. I started doing this project September 21, 2010 and it’s still a work in progress - but I’ve made a lot of work. TS1 has been refreshed, and for many features, entirely gutted and retooled.

In fact, for the changelog, I could go through the entire script, but that would take quite a few hours to do. Instead, I’ll give you the general stuff as I skim through the script (probably should have made a changelog to start).

Incredibly brief changelog from the garrysmod.org TacoScript:

- Fixed any and all bugs
- Fixed all inventory problems
- Fixed all weapon problems
- Predigimous lag reduction (new usermessage systems, replacement of NWvars etc). Ping went from 150 on default to 50 on this on my test server.
- Up-to-date module support
- Door (and mapdata) system entirely redone, mapdata included for 14 common maps
- Sound lists for, not only the CP - but for HL music and overwatch (city voice)
- Removed backdoors
- Removed unnecessary or deprecated code (armor hack, observe as variable)
- Redone combine/overwatch flags
- Only has about 15 mb of default models - it's up to you how much you add (keep it tasteful)
- Couple dumb admin/concommands removed, a couple non-dumb commands added
- Admin-controlled HL2 npcs (attack heli, gunship)
- The standard stuff like "Typing..."
- Quiz has 'tutorial' which gives all the answers if the player reads it
- Fixed as many exploits as I could find
- Removed some unnecessary delays
- Removed unused or silly things like headbob
- Some trivial but fun things like Christmas Mod being enabled on christmas automatically
- Easier MySQL script-side setup
- Modules: gatekeeper, rcon, mysqloo - IP or steamid private testing/blacklist, rcon disable, and mysql interaction respectively
- Lots of animations
- 15 animation tables prepared, for each (feasibly used) HL2 model + some TnB models and misc models I've found
- Some animation goodies - ie, if you're a cscanner, your tail will bob up and down and the wheel will rotate and whatnot, you can set your model to a strider and have your head out of the ground etc
- Predicted gestures for firing, reloading etc weapons (looks awesome man)
- Weapons are automatically parsed as items - no need for items of weapons
- Weapons: Cleaned up, better ironsights, some retooling, working on system to properly hold hexed CS:S weapons for you donator mongers out there, as well as things like suitcase
- Added door and keypad stools but integrated into TS and exploit-proofed
- Realtime MySQL donation system up and running
- HL2 hands (pickup and throw small things)

I honestly suprised myself with how fast I was able to get it to run. For example, you may be used to a 5-10 second character selection process in the current TS - mine takes <2 seconds.


- Must start with "2" as the first line of the file
- Backwards compatible but you have to add "1" to the top

- Doorstates:
0 - buyable
1 - combine buyable (for lockers etc)
2 - unownable
3 - combine lockable (i.e. nexus doors, prison cell doors etc)
7 - combine big doors (the large, normally unopenable doors)

988.0000 -3991.0000 718.2500 "Entrance" 0 35
824.0000 -3524.0000 728.0000 "Side Entrance" 0 35
743.0000 -3725.0000 718.2500 "Backroom" 2

- X Y Z Name State Price
- Price is optional if state is unownable or the like
- BEGINBUILDING can be replaced with BEGINUNOWNBUILDING (all doorstates are 2, all prices are nonexistant) or BEGINCOMBINEBUILDING (all doorstates 7, prices nonexistant)
- If you buy a door inside a building, you then own every door in the entire building.

Example mapdata file:

3031.9063 -2735.0000 814.7188 "Hallway"
3031.9063 -2641.0000 814.7188 "Hallway" 
2154.0625 -2734.7188 814.2500 "Hallway"
2154.0625 -2640.7188 814.2500 "Hallway"

-560.0450 -1476.0100 726.0000 "Entrance" 0 35
-791.0000 -1145.0000 726.2810 "Storage" 2


Flags can be combined with each other. For example you can have combine flags "EF" which will allow you to both be a CP Elite and able to set flags, or player flags "NXV" which will let you be a salesman black market vortigaunt.


A - Recruit - /cp
B - CP - /cp
C - OW - /ow
D - OW Shotgunner - /ow
E - Can set flags
F - CP Elite - /cp
G - CP Control - /cp
H - Combine Control - /cp
I - OW Elite - /ce
X - City Scanner - /cscanner
Y - Shield Scanner - /cscanner
Z - Advisor - /advisor


N - Can sell newspaper
S - Stalker
V - Vortigaunt
W - Vortigaunt Slave
X - Black Market

As for screenshots, just picture default TacoScript HUD etc. It’s identical. Most of these modifications are internal or minutely visible, screenshots aren’t worth it.

Setup Instructions:

  • Place contents in garrysmod
  • Set up mysql server according to the provided .sql file
  • Get the lua binary modules installed properly according to the readme
  • Edit the config files in data/TacoScript/
  • Load up in gmod!

Finally, Let’s run conna to the ground.

Sounds nice, time to get rid off OpenAura.

What I liked reading

Demonstration of speed boosting (at the end specifically)

When you see a thread by disseminate you can only expect the best

Can’t wait to see this ready :). I’ve done the same thing basically, with Tacoscript 2.

Nobody cares.

Btw, Disseminate, you should make it when you start sprinting, you slowly speed up to your maximum sprint speed, instead of instantly just going maximum speed.

Yeah, I agree.

That’d be cool. I’ll look into it.

I’m slightly tentative to do anything like this because my goal in this is just to have it exactly as TS1 was in 2008 - clean, nice, and lagless, but with few additional gameplay-changing features.

Well, a few small features like such wouldn’t hurt. Do what you want, you’re the coder

Great work so far :slight_smile:

But can you expand more on the controlled NPCs part? How would you control it?

Console commands at the moment. Admins could bind them to keys and go in noclip.

rp_heli_goto [go to admin's position]


If I were to make it like a helicopter or whatnot on gmod.org (WASD controls), I’d have to continuously create path_track entities, which would cause lag.

This sounds pretty cool. I’m glad to hear that you out of all people are doing it, too.

Why couldn’t we have had this a year or two ago? Could’ve shut up a lot of script kiddies re-releasing the original TS.

My hat off to Disseminate, this sounds wonderful!

Keep up the good work, I hope to see more of this from you.

With the recent gmod update, I added hands support (use to pickup). Works identical to HL2. To see the prop’s creator (what used to be use), type rp_checkcreator in console. Removed the gravity gun (they have identical range FYI)

Added sniper (or scoped weapon) mouse sensitivity lowering when zoomed in

Any expected release or is this far from done?

I’d like to get it as done as possible - probably later than or at a month from now

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No decompiling involved. It’s a CS:S model I just hexed

hello that is not the correct animation

No pistol animations on male citizen npcs