Tacoscript or DarkRP

I am starting a sever and i want too know witch one out of the two Tacoscript or Darkrp is the best post your opinion.

Make your own.

It depends what type of RP you want:
Actual RP: Tacoscript
“Let’s-all-Deathmatch-and-exploit-and-call-it-RP” RP: DarkRP

But you’ll gain much more notoriety if you manage to code your own, if possible.

Both are different scripts with different features.

None of them.
Tacoscript is good, however the public version is buggy like fuck
DarkRP has a bad reputation and is overused.
Make your own or use cakescript, under-rated, but with quality that could be compared to a user-friendly tacoscript

neither because they both suck

(you basically have to make your own in this situation because none of them are decent)