Couple questions about Tacoscript if someone wants to answer:

  1. Is Tacoscript worth hosting as a replacement to DarkRP?
  2. What’s the difference?
  3. What are some must-have addons for TS?
  4. Any particular maps to use?

Also, does someone know which version I need to get from garrysmod.org? Link works just fine… I see all kinds of versions on here, I want the original, non edited version…

  1. No
  2. You get no weapons, Admins are usually overlords, and it’s very HL2 related.
  3. Not sure.
  4. City 18, 11, 45… etc

So… Tacoscript is shit then?

Tacoscript is pretty good. If you play on the TnB server. Otherwise, your going to be stuck with a laggy, half broken gamemode (Pretty sure its half broken now.)

Well what is popular, but not many people host?

A custom script.

K, what about for someone that has no time to code one from scratch, and no connections to anyone willing to give time, to anything?

Plenty of people will make one for money. It’s either commit yourself to doing it, or forgo being unique.

Well I’m aiming for traffic, and members to the community mainly.