Hey, I own a 16 slot server and I’d like to run some kind of HL2 roleplay on the city 8 maps. For a lot of the map features to work, it says they require something called tacoscript. From what I can gather, this is some kind of HL2 roleplay gamemode, but I’m unsure of what I need to do to get it working and which version I should get. There seem to be several variations on it, all of them seem to require specific installations to do with SQL. Right, so basically the point of this thread is to get as much information on tacoscript as possible. Also, if someone could tell me exactly what SQL is, I’d much appreciate it.

SQL: A database to store various information, Characters, Donations and Users.

TacoScript: Halflife Two Gamemode developed by TaconBanana It’s private, except for some old leaks You might find somewhere…

Tacoscript is not the only HL2RP gamemode, theres better gamemodes then tacoscript for hl2rp.

And SQL is a system to save data (like characters and donators) in a database, in the case of tacoscript, a MySql database will probrably be needed.


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You don’t NEED tacoscript… But it’s not an awful gamemode, you can find it in the gamemode releases section, tacoscript 2 would be nice, or you could try using nexus/buying the hl2rp schema from kuro.

This, or simply make your own Schema.

So, what can he use apart from Tacoscript for Half Life 2 roleplay?


Cakescript, tacoscript 2, nexus, any other mod of those 3 gamemodes, or he can make his own…? Hell even sandbox makes for decent hl2rp

I’ll look into them, thanks. :slight_smile:

I’d suggest cakescript since like, tacoscript 2 is a horribly unscripted nightmare, nexus isn’t too hard but, it IS if you can’t use Mysql, and cakescript is VERY easy to script for, and isn’t stolen. (Tacoscript 2 is, since its a leak, and its frowned upon.)

Every single TS version posted here is a leak.
And I suggest using CakeScript or Kiwi.

Ah, I only really wanted tacoscript because apparently you need it to make the doors work in the City 8 maps. Is there any other way to do this? Or am I being stupid and misinformed?

DOn’t use C8, Go C18.

And how come the doors don’t work?

The whole reason I decided to move to HL2 roleplay was to use the C8 maps. So if I can’t use them then I wont be changing to a HL2 roleplay. The doors wont work because according to their maker, they’re coded for tacoscript therefore they only open to some feature in that.

Hmm…I suppose there is a chance of them working in Sandbox?

Very basically, SQL is a standardized computer language for telling a database management system how to insert, select, update and delete its rows and columns of data. Many people don’t know that.

They think SQL is just a rumoured solution to all the world’s problems without knowing anything else about it.

INSERT ‘palm’ INTO tblFace;

I don’t suppose anyone could give me a link to Davebrown, the creator of the C8 maps’ steam profile? I’d quite like to talk to him about bypassing the tacoscript door problem if I shouldn’t use tacoscript (or can’t).

Shozamar cannot find a version of Cakescript that is not broken. Can anyone kindly redirect him to a working one?