Unigamers.net HL2 RP

The whole new tacoscript2 is running on this server.

Nice Server, With Admins Allmost 24/7.

64 Slots

Join And Try Tacoscript 2 :slight_smile:

Not very oganised, no effort into this, why should we join your server?, what makes you so special?

Confused. I thought TacoScript 2 was still being scripted by TnB. Correct me if i’m wrong.

You aint wrong, TS2 Terminator is up and running, I believe, TS2 HL2 is still bein edited. Same, correct me if wrong.

Gonna check this out

Weird, I know Reich had a HL2 RP TS2 edit back when it was running.

Yeah, Rick leaked his own gamemode because he was angry at TnB. TnB’s TS2 is just an edit of his.

He’s done it hundreds of times
Bout year and a half ago he gave me taco script, bout 2 weeks before it was put up on garrysmod.org
i didn’t know what to do with it, i had no mysql server

In a nutshell, the TS2 I released is ReichRP’s version with both major and minor edits.