Tactical Colored Smoke Grenades

coloured smoke canisters modified from worshippers CSS realistic weapons pack, the grenades come in

Red, Blue, Green and black






for the coding (just like to thank him heaps for allowing me modify his code)

for the colour make-over.

for pictures see the link below

Pictures (garrysmod.org)

http://www.facepunch.com/fp/vb/statusicon/forum_new.gif <<<download here

Pictures please?

He posted one on the garrysmod.org page:


pictures are now linked in the original post. all pictures can be found on gmod.org

EDIT>> fixed pictures, now on thread…

You should make the colors darker. In reality you wouldn’t get smoke that is that brightly colored.

yeah smoke normally isnt that bright but i have tried it with darker colours and it looks a bit boring. i have seen green smoke that bright though.