Tactical Communications in FPS Games

over the course of playing the game I have noticed there is a generally deficiency in how people communicate during critical periods. This blog is my first attempt to help bring how tactical communication can be helpful in working as a team.

I will expand this if there is an interest from the community in its concepts.


Feedback is welcome and appreciated. You can leave it here or in my stream channel. Future lesson plans will be posted to my stream page so swing by and check periodically!

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Feedback is encouraged!

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Just read through. Would love to read more. We play in a large group sometimes 8-10 teammates in an engagement. Please advise. Divide into squads? Or develop these skills? What to do in larger battles

split into squads! For sure use tactical maneuvering to your advantage. That’s another course which is coming!

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The problem that I find in Rust, is explaining where you are in retrospect to your team. Since bases can be anywhere in the game it can be very hard to explain certain locations with the limited amount of landmarks to reference

Get used to naming things. I used to compete in FPS gaming on a ton of games with some good success.
One thing our clan did was name fucking everything that is important.

Some make something like this:
(Unrelated just found an image to show what I mean)

Using the maps that all exist for rust. Then name smaller areas and remember them.
Like say the barns, we named one Alpha and one Beta. So if anyone is near them we can easily call it out and have everyone know what you mean.

Get used to calling Cardinal Directions. North south ect. Get used to knowing which is what.
“North of Alpha, 3 in the woods, all in leather.” would be a good example phrase.
If you need updates after hearing that phrase one could say, “Still got Eyes” ?
“Yes, Heading north on the road from Alpha.”

Don’t hesitate to speak up. Lots of players shutdown or won’t speak up.
Don’t freak out once you die. State Location, Where the person is heading, and what they are using.
Don’t say shit like, Get my stuff or anything like that, it puts extra stress on the ppl that are alive.

Side note:

Lold hard

Great info - thanks. We use a couple of these tips and tricks but not consistently.

Lesson #2 is the buddy system in FPS. This lesson will build on the working well with a partner model!


Don’t forget to tune in and watch my live stream! You can see a lot of these principles being used live!

I subscribed to your post. I’ll read more when I’m not just hiding in a rock waiting for someone to come out of their base xD

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Love this stuff. I’ve been trying to get my team to use it for ages.

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#5 added! Enjoy