Tactical H.U.D.

Inspired by the Star Wars: Republic Commando H.U.D., I think we need a cool new H.U.D.


Just imagine if we had a H.U.D. like that, only cooler! On the bottom left, it could show a more detailed version of the health bar, showing where you’ve taken hits in red and yellow instead of green. I don’t know googly squat about Lua, so I wouldn’t know if this is possible. On the bottom right could show the equivalent of the HL1 H.E.V. energy bar, with the suit. I want the features from HL1’s H.E.V. back too, with the “Suit at 45%” kind of thing going when you get more suit power, as well as the detailed analysis on what kind of damage you’re taking, (fire, explosion, drowning etc.). Where it shows the hand grenade symbol (shows how many grenades you have) it could instead show your ammunition, as well as a small logo for what weapon you’re holding, just to be sure. The new H.U.D. could also have a 3D tactical radar screen, togglable from a screen on keyboard command (like suit zoom). Some other fancy ideas would be: switch to night-vision, which draws on suit power (or infrared imaging, which would be even better), the ability to block sound out (in case mingebags are mic-spamming or dropping millions of melons that are splattering everywhere), the ability to keep track of friends using a complicated system like this: There would be an arrow followed by the name of your friend that would point in their general direction, as well as small logos on the bottom of the screen that could be adjusted, such as a “requesting assistance” logo, or “in need of medical attention” or “attacking the enemy”. Along with this ability, could be “squad” based chat, with only people in your squad can contact you at times, as well as people you want to directly chat with, Ex: “This is Lua squad to Garry Base, come in Garry Base, we need extraction A.S.A.P.!” something like that.

Is this stupid for me to ask so much? It’s just an idea.

So make one, it would be a good idea.

Like this?

Would be fancy but not as practical as the HUD we have now.

I’d like to see it as part of some combat gamemode but for sandbox I’d rather stick to the clean HL2 HUD.

It could be toggelable.

what about blood splater on the visor and crack repair like from republic commandos, less practical but way cool.

half the time i played that game i ran around punching, other half watched visor repair itself

Very sorry for being an eternity late, been busy lately.

Shotgunny guy: Yeah, like that. We’re off to a pretty awesome start from having a random idea.
Mais oui monsieur.
Better than I ever had planned.

But alas, the journey of me acting like a perfectionist Chinese factory owner selling junk to Wal-Mart has only begun.
I want people who understand Lua to tell me if this stuff is possible:

1: Detailed health display showing where you have taken damage, cause that would look epic.
2. Bring back the HL1 thing that says stuff such as: Power 15 percent, or major lacerations detected, morphine administered, etc, as well as the old suit icon that filled up the more power you had, cause that was cool. I also want to see the old icons that showed when you took a particular type of damage, such as damage from heat.
3. Same thing shotgunny had with ammo, only a small icon showing what weapon it is. Could be the same icon from the weapon selection. Just looks plain cool.
4. Infrared imaging.
5. Night Vision.
6. Sound cancellation except for chat with specific people.
7. Squad chat feature.
8. Posting this somewhere else than garrysmod.org.
9. Squad location.
10. 3D Tactical Radar Screen, with detailed views showing NPC’s, Players, Squad Members or maybe beacons as well.
11. These features would draw on suit power, and could be switched off. When switched off, the suit power would recharge. However, the power could last for about an hour before this would be required.
12. Extra protection against radioactivity, lack of oxygen, bio-hazardous material and flame, which would take a ton of suit power, but would recharge with the suit. Bullet holes don’t count.
13. Being able to toggle this on/off entirely.

this looks col i hope someone makes it like this cause i love that game so muchi would perfer this then my normal hud

Looks cool mate.

ok how did u get that helmet thing i wantit so bad