Tactical Intervention uses Rust's M4,Shotgun, and MP5 model.

This is probably going to get many dumb votes or be labeled by some a shit post, but I noticed this not so long ago. Did Facepunch give FIX Games (The developer of Tactical Intervention) permission to use these models? I have also noticed that the CT viewmodel is ripped straight from Rust’s viewmodel when you equip a gun.

Most likely just stock models.

stock models. nothing to see here, move along…move along…

Both Rust and Tactical Intervention are using the same stock models from the Unity Store. The military weapons in Rust are placeholders. The devs have been modeling new weapons like the pipe shotgun to replace them.

And they replaced/are replacing (dunno if they’ve been replaced yet, as I haven’t played Rust) MaxOfS2D’s smooth bow animations with some really horrendous animations some other guy made. Someone left a comment on the video of the new animations on Vimeo, calling them “tripe”, and the uploader disabled comments shortly thereafter.

If that “some other guy” is Minh Le, that guy talked shit about the co-creator of Counter-Strike.

Fixed for bad reading.

I dunno who it was. I saw the video linked on Max’s Tumblr, checked it out, then a while later I saw a post on Max’s tumblr from some guy saying he called the animations tripe in a comment.

Again, I dunno who the video was made by. All I know is comparing both animations, I like Max’s better.

I remember reading about Gooseman giving the weapon models to rust a in december(like he was friends with an awesome programmer that garry works with)

Im pretty sure Tacital intervention came out B4 rust XD

Helk worked on TI with Minh Le. Minh let them use the models for Rust.