Tactical Rebel shooting at enemy's off-screen.

Yay generic!


C&C please.
22 views not a single comment. :frowning:

looks pretty good.

lolzzzzzzzz looks like dildos

EDIT: EDIT: EDIT: ams kiddings

Where’s the release? :c

The muzzleflash and the fire coming out of the rifle’s holes got different colours, that looks kinda bad.

But the posing and the angle seems fine.

That thing has been out for a year.

Anymore C&C before I let this thread die?

Low-Res Wall. Shadows on the wall are also strange.
But its kuul.

Not much to say, i don’t know much on muzzle flashs but it looks good to me.
And the burning is nice.

You’ve made the invisible lamp a bit bright and the guy is posed a bit stiff.
The muzzleflash looks pretty wierd like the guy above me said.
The burning is really nice though!

lol, I didn’t use the invisible lamp trick, thanks though. :slight_smile:

Try and fix that gas mask, at the top it goes off his head a little as a small line of pixels.