Tactical Tool Game


I’ve been working on this gamemode for about 6 months, and I finally think it’s ready to be released. It’s evolved a long way from what the original idea was. Through many iterations I think I came out with a pretty fun gamemode. Most of the models are placeholder, or random HL2 props; don’t judge the visuals too harshly.

About the game:

At its core, Tactical Tool Game is all about creativity and mind-games. Every round, you get to select 3 tools to carry. Tools are devices you activate which can cause a variety of effects. Some allow you to build deployments, some are weapons, some give you and your allies buffs, some apply nerfs to enemies, etc.

All the tools are designed to interact with each other in interesting/emergent ways to allow players to form creative strategies. It’s your job to come up with the best combinations of tools to use to defeat the enemy team.

The game is asymmetrical, with one team defending a zone, and one team attacking it. The two teams switch roles every round, the game winner is determined best 3 out of 5. Once you die in a round, you’re dead until the next round (like counter-strike).

At the beginning of every round, the enemy team’s tool selections are displayed to you, so you know exactly what you’re going to be up against. It’s always the defending team’s turn to select first, followed by the attackers. This allows attackers to be strategic and try to counter the enemy team’s defenses based on what they select.

Following the tool selection phase, the defending team is given 45 seconds to set up their defenses in the map. During this time, the attacking team is locked in their spawn room.

When the setup time is over, the doors are opened. 2 minutes and 30 seconds are put on the clock, and the attacking team must attempt to either kill the entire enemy team, or capture the zone before time runs out.

The game is meant for pretty low player counts: 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, (ideally 2v2 or 3v3). Anything above that doesn’t play very well; it becomes quite chaotic. Because the game is all about prediction and counter picking, at 4v4+ the game becomes unfun because of teams getting way too many tools to feasibly make generalized judgments about.

The game also has a new kind of melee system. When you primary fire on your melee weapon, you gain a running speed boost for 1.5 seconds, and at the end of that you swing and are slowed for a second. I added this to make the melee combat more depthful.

By the way, it’s a somewhat depthful game, it may take a few rounds to understand how everything works. There are currently over 30 tools in the game, so there’s a bit of a learning curve.




Play TTG:

I’ve decided to release the gamemode so you can host your own servers for it.

Here’s the workshop link:

Thanks, robinkooli, for setting up the workshop page.

Here’s the link to the SVN:

If you don’t want to bother with SVN here’s the gamemode in a zip:

I’ve now made a github for the game, here it is:

By the way, if you are hosting the game on a dedicated server, you must merge the gamemode’s materials and models folders into garrysmod/materials/ and garrysmod/models/. Otherwise they will not download to clients correctly. These are located in tacticaltoolgame/content/ in the zip

You can also join my server I’m hosting for the game:
TTG Server A

I’ve now implemented a quick fix for lower resolutions when it comes to the tool selection menu. The team/enemy purchases menus will no longer open for lower resolution players. If you have a lower resolution, you can still look at these menus just by holding tab.


I’ve put together a pack of maps that work with the game. A few were made by me and the rest were made by my friends. Here’s a link to that:

ttg_canyon by heyo
ttg_hole by heyo
ttg_knavey by PhilDude
ttg_foundry by Eekers
ttg_1path by Yongogler
ttg_2path by Yongogler

Create your own maps:
Here’s the vmf of ttg_hole, you can use it as an example if you want to make your own map for ttg.

Possible future plans:

  1. Add a more competitive mode in which both teams have captains. Before players get to select their 3 tools, the captain would select the tools their team gets to choose from: their “toolset”. The captain would get to select 5 tools. Larger player counts would probably be more viable in this mode. Coherent strategies would also be easier to pull off.

  2. Redo tool selection menu, making it have little graphical icons for each tool instead of names. This would be a lot of work.

  3. Implement some kind of upgrading system between rounds, so you can use some kind of currency to upgrade select tools for future rounds. I’m not so sure about adding this.

  4. Add many more tools I have ideas for.

I’ve played this and it’s rad. Give it a shot and you might be surprised at how much depth there is.

fun looking gamemode

is kid_dj ok

I like the look of it and can’t wait to give it a try.

Looks Good! It does have a lot of similarities to Retro so I may love it more ;D

I made two maps for your gamemode. I don’t know how well they’ll work, 2path is a lot bigger than the other ones. I just cut 2path in half to create 1path for smaller player counts.

This gamemode looks like one of the best ones in awhile

That isn’t Roleplay

Tried out your maps. They play quite well!

I’ve added them to the map pack. Good work.

That pretty cool dude. Thanks for the credit I have never been before.

Awesome Gamemode, hope you add more abilities and traps :smiley:

1280x1024, Purchases overlap with the Buymenu, so i can’t see the names of the items :slight_smile:
Screenshot on SteamCommunity:

But still an nice GM :slight_smile: Are they some special Ents for Mapping?

Edit:// So found some functions:
info_player_start for Spec Cam start
info_player_axis for Attacker Spawn
info_player_allies for Defender Spawn
func_ttg_capturezone for the capturepoint
func_brush with name: TTG_Brush_Door for the SetUp Doors

1440x900 resolution works perfectly.

Hello, my friend tries to host this but it keeps saying “Invalid Team has won the round” and we can’t play at all. Is there an addon that can cause this or is this a problem with this gamemode itself?

Play Gamemode without any other addons on.
Or reinstall Garry’s Mod or TTG

I played the gamemode for a few hours today. I enjoyed it but there were some big flaws, at least on your server.

-You can’t votekick during a round, that’s stupid if you have someone trolling or being unruly.
-The server only has one map and no way to change it.
-You should have more game types than just the one, such as a team deathmatch, one life but more tools and a bigger map, give both teams a period to build a base and set up defenses. Maybe also something similar to TF2’s control point and capture the flag.
-Some of the tools are more powerful than the others, such as the sentry. This isn’t too big of a problem but maybe consider making things more even.
-Allow respawning while in the “build” mode so if you fall to your death or accidentally kill yourself, you have a chance to play.
-Don’t hardcode menus, they should use percentages of screen width and height so it works on all screen sizes.
-Host it on github, so people like myself can help or add things. (If you want to)
-Why are you using usermessages? They are depreciated.

  1. I think that if you need to votekick someone, the vast majority of the time, it’s also the case you’ll want to restart the game, and there’s a command for that: !voterestart. If you votekick someone during the game then the teams become uneven, which I don’t think should happen.

  2. I’ve added in a !votemap command to the server so that should be fixed, it was turned off before.

  3. I agree with you about dying during the setup time, I’ll add in respawning during setup next version.

  4. I don’t think sentrys will be OP once people know how to deal with them, give it some time. They were not OP in my playtests.

  5. I will fix the menus for lower resolutions next version as well.

  6. About the usermessages, I’m somewhat new to gmod coding so I apologize for being a bit out of the loop. What would you suggest I use instead, and how would it be better?

Link to Official Workshop File: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=260667795
Setupped Workshop version, easier for users who don’t know how to install SVN.

I was playing with a few people, and it was soooo borrring! We then set it to 10 minute rounds, and 200 credits, and it became MUCH more fun :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: I’d love to see a CTF mode with respawning, both teams build their base, then try to attack and defend at the same time :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. the problem we were facing is that we couldn’t restart the round because they kept saying no and we could not kick them.
  2. I’m not saying sentrys are crazy op, but it’s difficult to counter them unless you have building bombs, but that can be easily countered.
  3. http://wiki.garrysmod.com/page/Net_Library_Usage

Hey! i love this gamemode its the best one out there! but it only lacks one thing… and that is reselution compatibilaty (lots of people cant see parts of the hud and stuff) so it would be nice if you could somehow fix that :wink: (everyone under the 1920x1080 res seems to have problems(like me and my friend))
keep up the good work :wink: