Tacticool fags getting out of their ROFL copter

Been trying to get back into the game.



ah them silly spec ops prima donna squads

Yeah they spend more time getting pedicures then getting loaded out.

Silly tacticool people, one bullet is all you need.

its too dusty

The desert + helicopter blades would stir up ALOT of dust.

Folds in clothing don’t look like that.

They need highlights - not just shadows. Folds must go up before they go down… that’s why it’s called a “fold” and not “cavernous pit of darkness”.

Read up on colour-theory too; shadows aren’t grey.

Look at reference pictures while you work as well because folds don’t fall like that.

I may be not good at folds but I know that shadows are the absence of light which also means black.
but the dust made the shadows look lighter.




also any good tips on highlights?

Read my colour theory tutorial and try again.

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Not sure what those photos are supposed to prove… lol. Your folds don’t look anything like that. Notice how they contour around body parts, tense where flesh meets the material and sag where it doesn’t? Yours don’t do that. They’re just random dark lines.

I think the guy crouching looks a little…wierd.

That wasn’t to prove my folds were good just that shadows are greyish
maybe if you’d read my post? You’d know why I linked it.

Those shadows aren’t greyish. They’re more saturated than the highlights. That’s how shadows work.

Again, read the tutorial.

I can’t trust what you say because you can’t spell crouching right.

Haha despite the awesome posing I can’t help thinking of a poo when I look at the left prone guy’s leg. :v:

As for highlights, paint on a brighter but more desaturated version of the midtone. For peak highlights add some colour from whatever colour the lightsource is.

now that you mention it…yeah :v:

oh…shit my bad

and i got an A for spelling

I feel like a dumbass every time I look at that thread.

So colorful and ungeneric. Bravo.

I was doing this on Vikadin plus I haven’t posed anything seriously in months.