Taem Frotress II

SDoF borked so picture quality is shit.

Jpeg fragments everywhere, noise is a terrible terrible filter to use, especially when it’s daylight. Posing is bad, pic isn’t funny and you didn’t use hwm models.

Dumb Fortress 2


Good job on the JPEG fragments, I had the ingame quality set to 100 and saved it as a PNG, derp.
Why should I use HWM models?
And your mom is a terrible filter to use when it’s daylight.

Tæm Fortress 2

serious question, how the fuck do you spot jpeg compression when there’s noise?

The sniper peaking from underneath made me smile.

Thank you for saying that, i scrolled back up SO fast… this is a good day :slight_smile:

Finally someone who noticed him :v:

Faceposing on the Pyro made me laugh.

Engineer shows, that he’ll need more metal