Tag a forum to a loading screen?

Hey, what’s up guys,

I was just wondering how i can tag a forum to a loading screen using html for example…

When someone joins it has the photoshop picture in the background (i know how to do this)

and somewhere it says for example “you are part of the forums” or “You are not signed up, why not sign up” !


For the ‘you are not part of the forums’ you’d have to make it so when users sign up to your forums they have to enter their SteamID. When in the loading screen their SteamID is then taken and queried against the forums to find a user.

Here’s a good place to start:

My friend Adzter makes a good point, but keep this in mind:
sv_LoadingUrl is NOT interractive. So even if you have a forum in the background or a button of some kinds, the user loading up will not be able to do anything with it.

Yep I know that,
I was just asking how to have some writing which tells people if they are signed up to the forum or not.

I have found out how to add a field to link your mybb acount to steam but do not know how to query those names to find out if someone is signed up or not.

I’m not going to explain every single step in detail as you probably won’t learn anything if you copy and paste.
You’re going to have to use PHP in the loadingurl to first find the users SteamID when they’re loading in. This is documented in the link I posted above

If you run sv_loadingurl "http://mywebsite.com/loadingpage.php?steamid=%s&mapname=%m" then the following $_GET values are available to PHP.
$_GET["steamid"] is the player's steam community id.
$_GET["mapname"] is the current map name. EX: gm_construct
Example code for a simple loading page.

$authserver = bcsub($communityid, '76561197960265728') & 1;
//Get the third number of the steamid
$authid = (bcsub($communityid, '76561197960265728')-$authserver)/2;
//Concatenate the STEAM_ prefix and the first number, which is always 0, as well as colons with the other two numbers
$steamid = "STEAM_0:$authserver:$authid";

Now you’ve got their SteamID stored inside the variable $steamid. You can now use this to query the database using PHP’s PDO library. I’m not 100% sure of how the mybb database layout is setup so I can’t give any specifics in querying certain tables.

Here’s how to query the database:

Be careful when searching for tutorials regarding querying databases as you’ll more than likely find the old mysql library which is susceptible to sql injection.