[Tag] Remover

I was wondering if someone could create a tag remover. People always seem to have tags from their ‘Clan’ and such that clog up chat log and covers your whole screen.

My idea is a script that when a player joins it removes any symbols or letters between things such as {this}, [this] or (this) along with the symbol themselves. But because some people put their own screen name in between symbols you would have a manual remover system where an admin up would just select the name and it removes the tag remover from that name or highlight a part to remove and click remove. Not sure if it would work but it was just an idea I had. Even if it just removed the tags from chat logs it would still be useful.

In general, you can’t remove it. If it’s rp, technically you can.
If you’re talking in a chatbox, then there might be a way. But I doubt it.

You might be able to with Regular expressions. Rather then me tell you how to do it, I am going to tell you to learn regular expressions because they are a very useful thing to know.

Basically, you have to find if the tag is [clantag] or <clantag>.
If it is, then it’s pretty easy, but if they do something like xXclanTagxX (that looks retarded)
then it could get difficult. (That’s a lame example.)

^ That when overwriting the playermeta:Name() / :Nick()

I would also love some sort of script that filters these annoying ^1K^2i^3i^4l^6l^8l^3e^4r Shit