Taggart & Lt_C's Sci-Fi Citizens

Or Generic Sci-Fi Citizens V2!


Oh, the pants have been darkened since that pic.



All I must say is that those are sexy as fuck normal maps.

Great job.

:open_mouth: omg hawt!!

Amazing, great job you two.

Fucking sexy!

Great job, guys!

I’ve always loved your Sci-Fi stuff, Commander.

Great models/skins!

Really smexeh :3 Mind if I re-skin them for my own needs? >->

Oh the bodygroup STOOL isn’t mine but then again no-one seems to know who’s it is.

But yeah, you did a great job on the skins <3

How do you use that stool. I’ve never figured it out.

It took me a while to figure out, but the main bodygroup skilder remains unchanged, and it’s the subgroups slider that chages the model. The numbers that work are 0-3.

While posing I’ve noticed a few slight oversights on my end so I’m gonna get those fixed and send them to Lt_C along with a few more bodies later.

Metro cop gloves (Barney’s gloves) are bad, use Breen’s hands and re-skin them.

I’m surprised these aren’t that popular. They’re useful for a shitload of stuff.

I seem to have that effect on these forums. :V

More likely people cannot be arsed to post anymore.

Never mind this, I just replaced the phys models with the human hunter ones :v: Works like a charm!

So, does this totally replace the citizens, or are they a seperate group?

EDIT: Also, do they come in different colors?

They’re completely seperate models, and they come in one color scheme.

Nice, reminds me of Mass Effect.