Taggart's Generic Troopers 2009 Rig Request

Okay so… basically what I want to do is take Taggart’s Generic Troopers and make them replace the CS:S CTs

What I was wondering is if someone could rig them to the CSS skeleton

Something like that

The models use body groups to give the headgear… so is it possible to make them use those specific headgears for the separate models

also for the GIGN replacement I forgot to add them when i made the picture but can you give him these

The glasses are a bogy group

Oh and… I asked Taggart and this IS do-able

Models and updated materials

(just delete the hellsing guys they are extra)

Anybody? :frowning:

Nobody will try this…?

You could slap them on css anims easily. However the eyes would probably bug out.

Do you think you could do that?

Yes but I wouldn’t be able to set up correct hitboxes and fix the consistency issues.

aww man that sucks :frowning: