Taggart's Headhacking Tutorial.

Made it a while ago, it’ll shut you fags up for a bit I hope.

There you have it.

Yay, thanks :3:

Now i know, good job. :4chan:

D: i was just asking T.T

I hope this works to shut them up.

Why do you have PHW on MSPaint? :raise:

Awesome tutorial! I really should try to attempt headhacking.

:smiley: thanks so much!

It was from the previous screen.

Haha! That’s awesome! Thanks Taggart :3:

Thanks, now will this work with other modeling programs or just 3dsMax. It’s awesome anyway.

Taggart are you still working on those soldier headhacks me and some other people requested… that you said you would do?

Yes I am.

Thanks for the tutorial, it helped me a lot. Also it taught me a new way of positioning the head, thanks! Bump for justice.

Nice tutorial there.

(though any project I’m working on will have to wait. I have the worst luck with Studio Compiler)

Can you only do this with heads, or other body parts as well?

Any body parts, from as many models as you want.

This needs different color on the text or stroke around the text because it’s sometimes barely readable.

Some mod should sticky this.

To the last three posts:

  1. Fucking cool.

  2. I agree 10,000%

  3. I agree with you also.

Bump for great justice.

Diwako speaks the thruth, someone sticky this.

Wait. You don’t have to attach and weight?