Tagging Players as friendly "IDEA"


Today I was thinking of a new idea which is in “DayZ Epoch” and implement it into “Rust”. Now I’m just going to put it out in the community for people to judge and tell me what they think.
Okay, so yesterday I was playing with Erik and I had a base with a lot of metal doors but what really started to annoy me was that I had to keep opening and closing them for him because all the doors where mine and not his.

Now I was wondering if you would be able to put in a code where you could tag each other as friendly and all the doors you have both placed down can now be remotely controlled by each other. Now this friendly connect will last until you die again, but just because you guys have tagged each other as friendly doesn’t mean you can’t inflict damage on each other.

The way on tagging each other friendly is to go hatchet distance and scroll your mouse wheel, then the option “Tag as Friendly” would pop up. Now if you tag him as friendly but he doesn’t tag you the transaction will not work and you will not be able to open each other doors. But in this case if he tags you back as friendly you would both be able to live in the one base even though he didn’t place half of the doors but now you would be able to open them due to he / she is now “tagged as friendly”.

No hate please.

P.s Sorry if post is in the wrong spot, I couldn’t find where to post community ideas, sorry.

Thank you.

the shared doors idea is awesome

Not a bad idea. They mentioned a week or so ago they they were considering putting in some type of key that you could give to other players to open your doors…

This would be a cool idea, also maybe if you tag eachother as friendly their name stays green for you as long as you are within 10-20 meters of each other

Nice Idea! A Compass would be great too.

we need a friends system badly! being able to see each others names on the map to find each other would be a start, causing no damage to grouped up members would be a bonus too.

I feel groups already have a huge advantage in this game which is totally understandable. However I don’t think there should be further concessions for them. Just build an additional doorway and let your friend build a door.

A key for your door would give the added “benefit” that it could be stolen and used by others. Making things more interesting.

One thing that should remain is that friendly fire can injure… that’s like in real life.

I guess that is pretty interesting and would balance things. Would be cool finding a key on a clan member then having to track down where their house is.