Tails.EXE request

Can someone please make a skin or model for Tails to look like Sonic.EXE? I plan to use it for my Halloween video on my channel. I looked on Steam Workshop and there is nothing for Tails just Sonic. I would really appreciate it if someone can do this. Thanks!

Isn’t it that shitty creepy pasta that is just way too exact with timing? No one will do that, not even a die hard sonic fan who somehow knows how to model and rig.

I’m not copying the Creepypasta story. I would just like a model or a reskin of Tails to have red eyes and blood on him. Oh, and a die hard Sonic fan WOULD do it because on Steam Workshop there are quite a bit of results for Sonic.EXE. There is even a player model for him too.

I’m sure you could easily do it yourself. There are plenty of Tails models for Garry’s Mod on garrysmod.org - if they don’t exist on the Workshop.

And it isn’t a challenge to edit the VTF file and draw all over it.

I already have a Tails Model. I just don’t know how to edit or make VTF files.


Read the comments for some instructions you might need.

If you have photoshop, then I recommend googling for a VTF plugin.

Ok, I have the Sonic Unleashed model of Tails. I copyed all the VTFs I needed and edited them. I import them back onto the original and it instead shows the original textures. WHAT THE HECK!? How can I fix this?

You didn’t import them correctly then.

Then whats the correct way to importing?

Tell me how you’re importing them.

Never mind. The problem was that I didn’t put the edited VTFs back into the Materials folder.
But now I’m running into another problem.
I want to use the Tails model from Sonic Unleashed V.3 addon. I already have it but I want to make 2 of these files. I want one Tails model that is not edited and have the same exact model except edited. I tried doing this and all it did was make them both be edited. Anyway to fix this?

You’ll have to decompile the model so that it can use the remade textures. This can be done in 3DS Max.

Can this be done in Blender??

I know it can be done in 3DS and Maya, but I’ve personally never used Blender before. You could give it a shot.