Takakazu Abe from Kuso Miso Technique

  1. This is not my model, I only reupload her and fix textures. If you are the author, write about it in this thread.
    Model of Abe Takakazu (Yaranaika meme). Model have bad finger posing but more or less normal faceposing and eye-posing, and it very low-poly.


Download link - https://www.dropbox.com/s/acng2j2sqxfwj4y/Yaranaika.rar?dl=0

Holy shit

WOW, now let’s expect some comics with this

…well, this sure came out of nowhere

Sweet. I was looking for this.

Looks like it came out of a MMD mod.

Don’t rev it up.

Am I late to the party, because I am the dumbass who ported it from mikumikudance over a year ago.
I tend to rush things and drag them into infinity, I am really sorry for all the broken textures and my condolences to the relatives of all the ones who have died, waiting for a fix.
the original thread
I will make up for it with a MMD Billy Herrington or an Aka-san/Mr. Baby port.
God bless America.

Textures on my side don’t seem to work still.

Maybe you still have old version of this model?

I do not. Is anyone else getting this problem?


Here’s a fixed version: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/lz1i69qla64uf//Yaranaika

It no longer has missing textures.

Can you try upload to another site instead of mediafire?

A suggestion please?

There’s this one you can use.

What’s wrong with mediafire.

Everytime I click download, it showed me this.


mediafire requires you to upgrade if you want to download multiple files at once. and there are a lot of files in tht link that wont be in order when you download them.

Very sorry for the inconvenience, I just uploaded it to MEGA: