"Take A Look At MY Trophy" - Smug Hunter carries his prize proudly



This was an unusual request, but I always accept a challenge.
Is she dead? Hell if I know. Either way, RAPE TIME. :smiley:

Awesome again. Lovely work on the skybox.

Thanks! Also, loving da new avatar.

What a :smug: hunter.

oh i feel sorry for her, wait a second hey i bet i’ll find this on deviant art

Without a doubt. :smug:

Haha, thanks. It’s from an incredible Russian comic that was posted in the creationism corner, same one as my angry cop face avatar was from. I would have used the startled bird earlier had it not been for Perfumly using it.

Amazing ingame lighting.

Nice work. The other infected looks on with envy. Bad ass lightening.

oh you…




Thanks all, but I have a question - how do I stop the common Infected from lagging my game? Everytime I try and pose any of the male commons, the game lags like a whore.

Man thats awesome, looks like one of the cinematics really. Great job

bad coder it happens to me too

Ah that sucks. It literally is driving me insane.

Are you running this pack http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=81440

It lagged like hell for me to. I got fed up and extracted them from the game itself. Edited a text file to get rid of the shiny infected. No more lag.

This is very, very good!

meh too, once i spawned 30 of them and my computer almost crashed, i had like 4 fps

Nah, I don’t think it’s that pack, but it’s probably a very similar one.
Noob question incoming How did you extract them yourself?

What’s it called.

Common Infected used with gm_mount 2 don’t lag.