"Take All" Button?

I see from some older YouTube videos of Rust gameplay that there use to be a “Take All” button for loot. What happened to this and why was it removed? I think that it is a fantastic idea to have it in the game.

Too easy to obtain items when raiding, it’s useful on a raiding server so that the raidee can attack the raider and have a chance against it, you know?

It’s stupid and annoying though when there’s nobody around. The least they could do is make it like Minecraft where it instantly goes into your inventory when you shiftclick it.

Yea to easy to raid… Its more intense when you go into someones base and you have to get all of it before they return. It’d be retarded if you just go in kill 1 guy take all and leave. No fun, not intense whatsoevar

Oh, that’s a good point. I really did not think of that lol. Honestly though, if you are raiding somebody, chances are that they won’t have a chance to get their stuff back anyway if you have more then one person with you while you are raiding.

I like the idea of having a loot all button, it does save time when standing in a radiation area trying to get the stuff and get out

You just have to be quick, eat anti-rad pills, or have the rad suits. :smiley:

It’s real easy to be quick with radiation but sometimes it just goes to quick and you would need rad pills

Take All will never be added back, according to Helk.

Well it shouldnt come back so cheers to helk

I personally don’t think it should be re-implemented, Nothing like the feeling of shooting someone loaded and picking up all their gear piece by piece knowing that your completely exposed and out in the open.

Just the pure suspense attracts me, rather than “Take all” and leg it.

I actually still do this by instinct when I play Rust. :c

I don’t think it should be back, but I think they should implement some kind of system that makes it easier to collect shit while still having a disadvantage of using the system.
For example, instead of just taking all the shit in one second, you could hold a specific key, and click the items to have them automatically transfer to your inventory (Like in minecraft with shift) but rather than having the items stack instantly with the same ones in your inventory, the looted items would be scattered around your inventory so you have to stack them manually later.

Nah I don’t think it should be added back. Having to drag and drop items makes it more interesting then just running by pressing a button and collecting everything. Darkfall has the same looting mechanic , makes looting in battle risky which makes the game more challenging.

the “take all” button will remove alot of “value” each player had for items, this drag and drop is a barrier that adds a certain feel for the stuff you loot that you are really vulnerable while optaining stuff.

please dont implement this button in future patches.

I agree, the take all button was a bit of an advantage. Im hoping you would be able to turn it on or off once server hosting takes place. They sure also add the button to the NoPvP server though.

I’d LOVE to have it back. when youre solo, 1v3 you kill a guy, run out of ammo and have to run to his body and stay in there vulnerable looking for ammo. instead you can just click all, take, and run. We want it back!!!

Well atleast I actually belive that the Take all buttom shouls be added to pve, since sometimes zombies guard your cropse and you have no chance to get the gear before it disappear.

No, it’s too easy and too unrealistic.

People will store all their valuable stuff in one large crate, and when they hear charges they just press “Take all” and disconnect before the door gets blown up