Take down a stolen workshop addon?

How do I take down a stolen workshop addon?



stole the work of
http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=125490143 is stolen

^ who stole the work off this guy


(the last two links are the real creator)


I am sure they are the same people, and the real owner reported this guy for plagiarism I believe

Just flag it or PM Robotboy.

OnPlayerChat hooks are really easy to make… There are only so many ways you can write an OnPlayerChat role/rank system… I’m surprised someone actually blatantly copied it, copy/paste…

[lua][ RCON ] Testing Server console!
( Server Owner ) [ NPC ] Acecool: test
Admin Mode: false
[ Citizen - Unemployed ] Acecool: test[/lua]


Chat tags are one of the most common scripts; they’re easy, ideal for beginners, and experienced alike, to give a little “flare” to their server. While blatant stealing is wrong, try not to lose sleep over it; submit the report, get his account flagged, keep an eye out to see if he’ll blatantly steal anything else…

Definitely flag it, and PM Robot or a different mod will take it down when they read the report. Since it was so blatant, you can report his account on Steam by sending a DMCA and that’ll get a “strike” against his account. If he continues doing it, he’ll lose it, or lose access to Workshop segment of it…