Take Down & Execution

http://img40.imageshack.us/img40/4613/rpnecrourbanv20001.jpg http://img40.imageshack.us/img40/rpnecrourbanv20001.jpg/1/w1280.png

http://img707.imageshack.us/img707/6697/rpnecrourbanv20002.jpg http://img707.imageshack.us/img707/rpnecrourbanv20002.jpg/1/w1280.png


He lifted both of those guys up at the same time with one hand each?

Look abit closer… He has 2 blades and hit them with such force that they have spiraled in the air (( Like an over the top action movie))

Argh, this is a personal skin… :mad:

Anyway, the finger posing on the first one needs work and the soldiers pose is weird, both are way to high, and the dude looks like he is doing ballet.

Ohh, and I cant see the last one.

sounds like an anime to me :v:

You guys are so mean!! I did not mean constructive critisism, I meant Cuddles&Cuteness… I feel so bullied :frowning:

Welcome to the internet my friend.

Holy shit!And I thought Riddick was a badass with 2 bizzare blades :open_mouth: Nice posing on the 2nd one :wink:

This guy really needs to relax on his tribal tats.

Ooomb babwee click click
(Translation, you can never have enough tribal tats :buddy:)
[And yes the buddy is in there represented by the second click]

Why is there so much crap on his face? Did he fall asleep at a party?

More like:

The skin looks really… dumb.

THANK YOU! thank you very much! I’m sorry my life doesnt revolve around a computer and photoshop and instead going out, drinking, having a girlfriend and getting involved with social activties of which you think are too fashionable because you are not ever invited too! And oh? Its actually a guy with a life on this forum!? Yeaah yeaahh… We’ll see how smart you are when the kanines come, I got ninety nine problems but this guy has a DICK up his bum!

And thank you too anyone else who has not put any twatish comments about MY skin… YES my skin?! That i only spent a few moments on because i have better things to do!

All is well that ends well, That ends OK! so ill end this shit with a fuck you, But have a nice christmas holiday! Boo-Yah!

(User was banned for this post ("Ass" - SteveUK))

He fell asleep on the tattooist’s chair.

Take a freaking chill pill. Chesty was just expressing his opinion. The tribal tattoos would look better if they were tied together instead of just a bunch of random markings everywhere.

Oh and here is your chill pill



Sorry. I didn’t realise that you’re a super-cool tough guy who goes out getting drunk and laid every night, thus making any comments about your horrible skin invalid.


Although your love of terrible tribal tattoos and your overly elaborate and defensive, immature and poorly written speech, raging over a personal skin, doesn’t exactly lend well to this fictional profile you have created for yourself.


my thoughts precisely.