"Take em' out" - CID


Can you not stop making these please?

You should just make a comic already.

What does CID mean?

"CID, City of Death is a post-apoc series I decided to make a year, or two ago.
It basically takes place in a city in america after a virus killed the majority of animals and a good bunch of humans. Humanity’s solution to save themselves where to seal of the uninfected areas and live for themselves untill the virus died out.

As you can guess life would in those sealed off cities would be much like how you notice life in the first stages of half life 2. The society in many countries and other cities collapsed about 10 years after the virus outbreak. Some of the cities who had plenty of resources still, managed to hold up their society and bonded a alliation between each other and called them selves the New World Government (NWG). Their goal would be to bring earth back to what it was, except they would rule it all.

Many people got used to live on their own out in the dangerous post-apocalyptic world and therefor fight the NWG, there are still all the classic types of bandits and wildlife all around that is also a fight for most people.

So the poses takes place in a huge city where survival is an everyday task, nick named the City of Death. And we also moved poses to another city which is not partially covered by the green nature because during the fight against the virus the entire city was burned with napalm. We have yet to figure out a name for it, but a good hearted survivor has basically no saying there, it hosts canibals and bandits.

We had a bunch of people doing these but at the end it was just me and Angry Baby, and we’re discussing about making comics of the series.
Probably a lot of miss spelling in there but my fingers are very cold and my second shitty excuse is that im ill and dont really care " Rick VIce.

Agh. I wonder of what pack those ghillied guys are from. I’ve seen them in Facepunch ages ago, but they’re since forgotten.

that would be from COD-MW, if i’m not mistaken.

I think they are the MW Operators released by Alex Vestin a while ago.

^ what he said, Ill try to get a link sometime.
Also, thanks guys

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If I can be taught or shown a tutorial on layouts, I definitely will.

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here’s that link to the operators

… so megaupload still exists in your area? dude …

I don’t get what you’re trying to do with the magenda overlay.

All the good thing I see here is the camera angle…

I like it. Great job baby.

Sweet thanks for the input bro.

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I quickly Edited this one, and was VERY fucking tired.

Nice, i like it, only negative thing i see is the grass clipping with the dead guys head.

Those are some blind rebels right there.

Everything seems pretty rad, only downpoint would be the angle, could use some zooming in.